GM Smells Blood, Runs Ads Hating on Aluminum

Some customers are wondering what the aluminum bodied Ford F-150 loses in the weight loss bargain as Ford continues its heavy marketing of its all-new pickup truck this year. General Motors smells blood and has gone on the offensive, hoping that ads making light of aluminum will result in some of those worried consumers switching teams and buying a Chevrolet.

The good news is that these are a far cry from the usual “pristinely clean pickup truck driving on worksite, loading impossibly heavy things as the gritty lensed camera shows tires bouncing over terrain despite the load.” These commercials, which sell trucks mainly to suburbanites who rarely tow a trailer and work at a desk all day, but believe listening to Country music makes them a cowboy.

The bad news is that, like political attack ads, these ads do little to bolster Chevrolet’s image among those who are not already converted Chevy lovers. They may even backfire.

Regardless, they are at least a bit entertaining. See for yourself.

Aaron Turpen
An automotive enthusiast for most of his adult life, Aaron has worked in and around the industry in many ways. He is an accredited member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP), the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA), the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), and freelances as a writer and journalist around the Web and in print. You can find his portfolio at