11 Ways to Make Your Brakes Last Longer

I am a long distance driver. And I have discovered driving techniques which makes my car brakes to last more eighty thousand miles. Before discovering these techniques, my car brakes could wear in a short duration i.e. in less than thirty thousand miles. As a driver, you should try these money-saving driving techniques. Some of the best ways to ensure your brakes last longer are:

  • Avoid over speeding

Speed kills! When driving at a high speed do not try stop instantly. Instead, coast for a while to lower your speed then apply the brakes. This will help in reducing wear and tear on your brakes.

  • Unload your car

A lot extra load should not be carried in your car. Any unnecessary load should be removed to save on your brakes since the heavier the car, the harder it is on your brakes.

  • Don’t follow the crowd

Sometimes we brake because other people are braking. We should be aware of our surrounding and when braking is needed. In case you need to break, coast for a while then do it.

  • Be aware of your surrounds

Being aware of your surroundings and knowing where you need to stop can save your brakes a big deal e.g. if stop light shows, slow down before you the brakes.

  • Have your brakes serviced

Regular check-ups on your brakes ensure that things are fixed before becoming more complicated. This will mean that your brakes will last for a long time. Spending a small amount of money will still save you from using a lot of money to repair fully damaged brakes. Full service of your car and wiping of your auto glass clear to avoid obstruction also saves you a big deal.

  • Flush it

Brake fluids should regularly be renewed. If you have an older vehicle changes the fluid periodically. When you regularly flush the brake fluid, the brakes will work better and its components will last longer.

  • Avoid lefties

Only the right foot should be used to brake the pedal. This ensures simultaneous pushing of both pedals is avoided. It also becomes easy to avoid unnecessary brake taps. By practicing this, you will ensure that your brakes last for a long period.

  • Memory factor

Put into memory places where other drivers slow down inappropriately e.g. hills may shock drivers who have been using the same road for many years. In such cases, often coast down to their speed. This ensures that you rarely apply brakes making them to last longer.

  • Upgrade and specialize

Sometimes your brakes may wear out within a short duration. In such conditions, you should not complain since brake materials that survive heavy use and high heat situations may even perform poorly. Always ensure that the mechanic matches your desire with the right brake.

  • Coasting

Hard braking puts more pressure and tear on your brake pads. Regular and quick deceleration from high speed may put unnecessary strain on your brakes. While driving, try coasting for a while, reduce your speed then apply brakes. This will make your brakes to last longer.

  • Think about regular journeys you make

You may make several journeys in a week e.g. driving from home to the place of work and back or rushing to a company’s meeting. Most of these journeys may require being in a hurry affecting the way you drive. Rapid accelerating and decelerating may put strain on your brakes impairing their functions. Therefore, your brakes may not last for long. To avoid this, plan your journeys in advance and always make sure to have enough time in order to drive at a reasonable speed. Also, limit your journeys.

By applying all these techniques you not only ensure your brakes last longer but also save life, won’t you?