Dodge Challenger Superbird Awesomeness

The Plymouth Superbird was only made for a couple of years and the hallmark of the car, in most people’s minds, is its huge tailfin/spoiler. Today, the 1970 Superbird is one of the most collectible American classics you can name.

Fast-forward to today and you have performance and race drivers who love the look of the Superbird, but aren’t willing to chance wrecking one or heavily modifying it (thus destroying value) for the track. The solution? Build your own.

That’s what Spankin Time Motorsports in San Bernardino, California did with the Superbird Grizz, a 1000+ horsepower Dodge Challenger with a Superbird fin added. The 408 cubic inch engine is boosted by a 17-pound Supercarger (4.2) and runs through a NAG 1 Paramount transmission. The car is owned by JTH Consulting and is driven by Joel Highsmith, who lives in Wyoming.

The car is capable of 194 miles per hour at the mile mark and can be seen in the video below running the “Texas Mile” flat out.

Hat Tip to Facebook friend Dan for the video link.

Aaron Turpen
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