Mazda Posts Recall for CX-9

Mazda is implementing a voluntary recall on 2007-2014 model year CX-9 crossovers. Mazda says that water may enter the front suspension ball joint fitting.

Driving on roadways during the winter months in areas that use roadway salts can lead to salt and water intrusion into the ball joint, causing corrosion, which can result in looseness of the ball joint in the fitting. As a result of the looseness, a rattle may occur at the lower control arm ball joint. After extended operation in this condition, in the worst case the ball joint and lower control arm may separate.

Approximately 193,000 US vehicles are involved. Mazda says that there have been no reports of accidents or injury related to this.

The repair is to replace both front lower control arms and spacers. Due to parts availability, priority will be given to vehicles registered in states that use roadway salt: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Minnesota, Missouri, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York.

Aaron Turpen
An automotive enthusiast for most of his adult life, Aaron has worked in and around the industry in many ways. He is an accredited member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP), the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA), the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), and freelances as a writer and journalist around the Web and in print. You can find his portfolio at