AAPEX to be held at the Sands, Las Vegas on November 3-5, 2015

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) has been running for 25 years now and is considered as the “premier global event representing the $477 billion global aftermarket auto parts industry.” The event is home to over 2,000 automotive manufacturers as well as a host of reputable suppliers.

The expo has been such a success over the years predominantly because it features the most innovative new products, technologies and services from the automotive industry to its 39,000 attendees. It’s the largest attended product expo in the industry and is a multi-faceted show that integrates the newest tech with a host of industry experts imparting their knowledge via a host of talks throughout the 3-day event.

aapex 2015The educational seminars at AAPEXedu will keep attendees up to date with all the latest releases coming from the automotive world. This year’s program will address current issues in the industry such as sales management, best practices, technical trends and challenges that professionals in the industry face on a daily basis.

AAPEX will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, which is part of the famous Sands Casino in Las Vegas. It has 2.25 million square feet that is perfect for the huge AAPEX show in November. When it was originally unveiled it was the second largest convention center in the entire world.

With online gaming now commanding a sizeable piece of the pie when it comes to Vegas gaming on a whole, land-based establishments like the Sands had to rethink its business strategies. The Expo and Convention Center has become an important cash cow for Sands since its opening in the 90s and has helped raised extra revenues aside from what’s made from activities on the gaming floors. With international betting exchanges such as the reputable Betfair declaring record revenues year-on-year according to a report by Poker News, it shows how tough the casino industry has it right now. Thus, the Sands will do all in its power to keep events like the AAPEX on yearly schedule. So, don’t expect the venue to change anytime soon.

For more information on AAPEX visit their site here.

Aaron Turpen
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