Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years

A new book from motorsports writer and broadcaster Stuart Codling and legendary automotive photographer James Mann features fifty years of Lamborghini from the first Miura to today’s latest hypercars. The book’s forward is by Fabio Lamborghini, the family’s current spokesman.

Photo by James Mann
Photo by James Mann

Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years features Mann’s beautiful photography of every important Lambo built since the beginning along with historical commentary and explanations from Codling. It began with the ground-breaking and breathtaking Miura with its Gandini-designed bodywork and huge V12 engine.

From the Miura came the Countach, Diablo, and then Audi ownership leading to some of the Raging Bull’s modern masterpieces like the Murielago, Reventon and Aventador. Finally, the Huracan, today’s sculpted automotive masterpiece of power and exclusivity.

The book moves from car to car with effortless explanations of the backdrop from which the vehicle emerged. Cars are more than just expressions of beauty in motion, but are also products of their respective day’s technical, cultural, economic and political atmospheres. Without the realities of these backdrops, a car has no history on which to build. This is encapsulated very well in Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years.

The book is large format hardcover with a beautiful binding and 224 pages of glossy print and photography. Photographs often leap across pages to exemplify the vehicle or an aspect of it, with simple headlines explaining the point in succinct terms.

A beautiful book, Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years is more than just a coffee table read. It’s a magnet for anyone who enjoys art, beauty, and the sculpture of excellence in automotive. You can find the book on Amazon or at your local book store. It was published in September 2015 by Motorbooks and Quartodrives.


Note: we were sent a copy of this book for review.

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