SCOOP: New VW CEO Tries To Fart a Porsche!

VW CEO farts a Porsche

VW CEO farts a PorscheFollowing Aaron’s excellent article yesterday, I’m reporting from my secret undercover work I’m conducting for CarNewsCafe throughout Europe. And I am here to report some very strange and bizarre things happening in Germany.

The New VW CEO Tries To Fart a Porsche!

I caught an interesting and fascinating article a gentleman was reading on the plane to Germany. The highly good looking and handsome Matthias Muller is either being pushed into doing something very, very difficult, or he is being set up for failure. As always, faithful CarNewsCafe readers will decide for themselves.

As you might be aware of if you regularly read CarNewsCafe, the news we get mostly depends on what part of the world we live in. As such, Europeans often are aware of stories that never reach the news media radar in the U.S., and vice versa. Sometimes it is dumbfounding to read the things we do when on the international news media scene. This is a good reminder of how media can be used to manipulate populations.

So you can see how this particular story is truly scoop worthy.

VW CEO farts a Porsche!Can The New VW CEO fart a Porsche?

Forgive my very poor German, I only studied a year, decades ago. As you can see from the picture I was able to discreetly snap, it seems the impossible will be attempted, the new VW CEO farts a Porsche for the company!

We wish him good luck, and certainly hope his health is strong enough to endure this gigantic task. I personally would like to tell him and the mean people behind him pushing for this heinous unholy act that it will not impress me, nor make me want to buy a VW. Please, you do not need to impress me by fharting einen Porsche, bitte.

Back to incognito as I scoop up the dirty on cars, carmaker and politics. Ooops, here comes another one…

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