Urb-E Puts Fun Back in the Last Mile
Urb-E Puts Fun Back in the Last Mile
The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart

Last mile solution are usually confined to electric bicycles or similar design e-scooters. Stepping into the fray is a unique upside down V design from a company called URBAN626, which aptly named it.. the Urb-E.

Ever since we first saw the Urb-E prototype at the Santa Monica AltCar Expo a few years ago, we couldn’t help but wonder if the project would get off the ground. It was audacious and had everything to please the ultimate EV techy. The second thought that jumped to mind was how stable can it be? After spending nine quality days with it, we can safely say the Urb-E is not only off the wall, but tons of fun to ride and surprisingly stable. Welcome Urb-E to the EV world!

Quick Specs & Info

Five Electric Plugs!

2015, Urb-E, Urb-E Class: EV, Two Wheels
Base Model: As Tested:
Powertrain: Electric, 36V battery Powertrain: 250W Electric Motor
Base MSRP $1,499.00 MSRP as tested $2,199.00


The Urb-E is unique, almost an oddity in today’s well defined two wheeled electric vehicles design. My first reaction seeing it was that it wouldn’t be stable to ride. In fact, it turned out to be quite the opposite. It is very stable and only takes a few minutes to get used to it. Would someone find the same ease had they never ridden a bicycle? That would depend on their sense of balance, but anyone who has will have no problem getting on and start having fun with it. And this is just the gist with the Urb-E. It is fun to ride, period.

The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart
The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart

Trim Packages

Urb-E Puts Fun Back in the Last Mile
The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart


In its own way, the Urb-E really doesn’t have a true competitor since all other have a floorpan that can also fold. At this weight point, 35 lbs, it would be hard to find a foldable available e-scooter that would be this versatile and that much fun to ride.

Strong Points

The Urb-E uses 6061 type aviation strength aluminum. A well tested folding system. Detachable battery. Rear disk brake. A very strong LED light that has three settings: high beam, low beam and flashing high beam. USB charger. Doubles up as a grocery shopping cart, an airport scooter, and more.


There are no real weaknesses we could discern. Each user might want to upgrade or improve upon a few things, such as different handlebar grips, etc, but that would be nitpicking.


Electric two-wheeler commuters come in many shapes and shades, but nothing prepared us for the Urb-E experience. The versatility of the Urb-E is impressive. From a grocery electric cart, to an airport commuter, the Urb-E grew on us in a manner of minutes. It instantly became our default local transportation mode for the nine days we had it with us. While the battery that sits high, it means the Urb-E will lean into corners and asks for more. Once you get the hang of it, you will want more and more, and more. Judging by the smiles and questions from passers-by, we are certain it will interest many and knowing how much fun it is to ride, we are sure it will excite many.

In conclusion, the Urb-E strikes a high note with its unique design, shape and visual impact. The Urb-E puts back the fun in that last mile solution. We truly loved riding it and after testing many two-wheelers, this one was the most fun, by far. We look forward to what else Urb-E will come up next. If this anything to judge by, the company will surprise us for years to come.

Test Period Length and Limitations
We had the Urb-E for an initial period of seven days, which turned out to be nine days (thank you you SEMA!)

Urb-E Puts Fun Back in the Last Mile
The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart

Urb-E Puts Fun Back in the Last Mile
The Urb-E, all reproductions rights reserved Nicolas Zart

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