Hitting the Apex, The Documentary Any Rider Must See and Have

Hitting The Apex - AGV Valentino Rossi HelmetSince we’re on the motorcycle topic, let’s continue with a documentary any rider should see, Hitting the Apex. And yes, someone won this AVG Valentino Rossi helmet!

Hitting the Apex, A Must See

I was lucky enough to have been invited to a screening of “Hitting the Apex, documentary”, Mark Neale’s latest documentary, presented by Brad Pitt. I wrote about his previous ones Faster and Fastest on CarNewsCafe, all of which you should watch, if you haven’t done so already. All three documentaries sink you into the skins, and sometimes broken bones of these incredible super-humans racing these insane bikes hitting the apex of curves at over 100 MPH with 17,000 RPM screaming engines. Faster and Fastest are on Netflix, while you will have to buy Hitting the Apex, which in my opinion, is well worth it. Mark was there for a Q & A. One word of advise, do not go riding after watching the documentaries. I’m halfway joking, but seriously, the adrenaline will be pumping hard. We’re not Rossis and Marquezs, despite our wildest imagination.

Hitting the Apex, The Documentary

Mark hits another high note with his follow up documentary Hitting the Apex. Once again, I’m finding myself in a strange situation where the cars and motorcycles that excited me this past week sported combustion engines. Where are the green ones with performance? I’m still waiting.

Hitting the Apex focuses on 6 legends of modern day racing, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Marco Simoncelli and Casey Stoner. The inside story takes you on a tour of how these six race fighters, considered the fastest racers of all time challenge each other at the peak of their career.

Here’s the official trailer.

Hitting the Apex, Fate

One thing I clearly don’t care about with many documentaries is the over-drama around the fate of some riders. We all know what awaits them at any moment, any curve, any passing situations. Mark and Brad handled the tough competition these racers live with brio. They excelled at covering the saddest moment in the past few year, when Simoncelli past away. In fact, it was covered sensibly, without endulging. It showed Simnocelli loosing control in a curve, fighting to regroup and being swiped. That was it. One shot and that was all.

Hitting the Apex, The Rawest Competition

If like many of us, moder car racing is leaving you hunger for more, Motorcycle GP is still happening. In many ways, the difference between motorcycle racing and cars is hair raising. Cars, single seaters and others are fairly well secured these days, certainly more than they were twenty years ago. Motorcycle racing safety, on the other hand has improved, but riders are still out there with little more to protect them then a leather suit and some padding. These legends are a notch above heroic, braving incredible speeds, facing fate constantly.

The documentary balances well Rossi’s amazing come back and his almost inexhaustible stamina in this profession, while a younger generation of Marquez claim the podium fame. It also gives us a greater insight as to why Stoner left the scenery and Lorenzo’s almost surgical trajectories. Am I the only one who feels Lorenzo reminds me of Prost in his riding?

Overall, it’s the story of what all of them stake at every race over 200 MPH on nothing more than a highly tuned motorcycle, a helmet and a suit. The documentary will show you how the younger generation goes on the tracks with a vengeance and challenges a more veteran force, teaching them about competition, fairness and the unforgettable beauty of motorcycle racing. Hitting the Apex is a great collection to any motorcycle enthusiast!

Nicolas Zart
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