Struggling To Buy A New Car? The Options We Recommend

These days buying a car can be an expensive decision. Just imagine if you were considering buying a supercar. You’d be paying as much as some people spend on quite a large house. Is it worth it? We think so, but we’re self-confessed car enthusiasts and petrolheads. That said, some people struggle to afford even the most basic new cars. This is the advice we’d like to offer them. On this post you’ll find a number of options you can consider to buy a new car even when money is tight.

Save It Up

The first option is probably the simplest. We suggest you just save and wait until you can afford to buy a brand new car. If you’re good at saving, you can expect to have enough money to buy a decent new car by the end of the year. We suggest you aim to save a couple hundred each month and put it all in a high interest account. With a little luck and the market in the right direction you might have enough to buy a car better than the one you had your eye on.

Car Financing

Car Financing has become a popular way to buy new cars lately. What exactly is car financing? Car financing means that you’ll buy the vehicle with a loan. You’ll get the car and then you can pay it off in monthly installments. It’s the opposite of saving and it’s well worth considering if you can find the right deal. You need to be aware of issues like interest rates and any incentives added on to the package. Skoda Finance offers the possibility of paying off some of the deposit up front. That means you can expect to pay less each month. As well as this, you’ll have three year roadside coverage on the car. Any breakdowns and you can guarantee you’ll be in good hands. How long it takes to pay off will depend on which car you choose. But you can just consider it another bill to be paid at the end of each month.

Buy Second Hand

Or, you could buy a preowned car. The benefit of doing this is obvious. You’ll be able to buy a car you wouldn’t have been able to afford at budget beating prices. You will also have the chance to pick which price suits you best and get cheaper insurance deals. The disadvantage is the possibility of buying a car that is, junk. If you do this, then you can be looking at several expensive repairs to get the car working and road ready. That’s why you need to be careful buying a used car. Get a full history and make sure that you are not being swindled.


Of course, if you can almost afford to pay for the vehicle you want, try haggling. That way you can get it new and avoid the risk of buying a dud. You’ll have to work on the seller, pushing them to sweeten the deal. But remember car sellers expect this and the advertised price is always higher than it should be.

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Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.