Three Ways to Save on Car Insurance After an Accident

Insurers base your car insurance rates on a number of factors, but one of the biggest factors is your driving history. If you maintain a clean driving record, you generally pay less for insurance than someone who was in multiple accidents in the past. When you are responsible for an auto accident, your insurance rates will go up almost instantly. Even if you only bumped another car and did no damage to your own vehicle, your rates will still rise. That is why you should look at some ways you can bring down your insurance after an accident.

Ask About Accident Forgiveness

Many auto insurers now offer accident forgiveness for policy holders. If you are in an accident and then go a certain amount of time without being involved in any other accidents, the insurer will forgive your most recent accidents. The insurer essentially acts as if you never had that recent accident. The amount of time you must maintain a clean driving record varies from provider to provider. You generally need to go at least six months without reporting any additional accidents up to a full calendar year.

Sign Up for Driving School

Going to driving school may also help you reduce your rates after an accident. Calgary driving schools offer a number of courses for new drivers and older drivers. You can take a defensive driving course that teaches you how to be more aware of other vehicles and drivers on the road, or you might take a class designed to teach you about driving more safely on the road. Always check with your insurer before signing up for a class. The insurer may require that you submit proof you completed the course or proof of the grade you received in that class.

Request Quotes

If your current policy does not include accident forgiveness and your insurer will not offer a discount for going to driving school, request quotes from other insurers. Most let you fill out a simple form online and have a quote sent right to your email address. You may even find insurance companies that let you request quotes from three or more insurers and compare coverage policies from all at the same time. Even if you were in two or more accidents in the last year, some companies will offer new policy holders a discount to switch from their old insurers.

Accidents can happen because you looked down at your phone, focused more on your kids in the backseat than on the road or because you found yourself distracted by other drivers. While insurers will often charge you more for insurance after an accident, you can look for ways to lower your rates by taking a driving course, requesting quotes from other insurers or signing up for accident forgiveness.