10 Must Have Car Accessories You Need to Buy

With a wide variety of car accessories available often choosing the right ones to add to your comfort, ease, security and ability to rescue from emergency situations can be confusing. Here we provide some of the car accessories any car owner would love to have.  

Hydraulic car jack

Hydraulic car jack basically works for lifting the car by the use of hydraulic force generated by pressure. This is a handy tool to change the car tyres at times of puncture.  Using this jack requires locating the jack point and before putting pressure you need to place it on a strong even surface. A plywood platform can offer a stable surface. Hydraulic car jacks are available from various brands and it comes also comes from Ford Accessories. You can enquire Jennings Motor Group for a wider range of collection of various hydraulic car jacks.

Adjustable smartphone and GPS holder

Adjustable smartphone holder or GPS holder that is capable to rotate 360 degrees allowing adjustment of the viewing angle as per preference is a must have accessory if you want to stay connected while not handling phone while driving. You can just fix the phone on the holder as per your desired viewing angle and concentrate on driving. This allows reducing the exposure to accident risks due to distraction caused by phone. This accessory does not cost much and are available at an affordable cost.

Power converter USB

For recharging gadgets and all handheld devices right inside the car a Dc to Ac USB power converter can be a great accessory for all and sundry. Through this you can recharge smartphones, PDAs, laptops, digital cameras etc. While the price may vary as per charging capacity.

Single dock platform

For a whole range of useful entertainment and communication gadgets to come into a single dock by integrating various ports and sensors, this type of single platform dock can be highly useful. The dock can connect to a car stereo and can connect as well as Bluetooth devices and GPS and can connect wheel controls and can help regulating the satellite radio. Advanced docking systems are even equipped to connect larger devices like DVD players.

Remote Start

Some weather conditions demand heating up the car engine before coming close to the car. At such times remote start mechanism helps. Furthermore, a remote start system can easily activate the dock system as well. The function can easily be installed through various car apps in your smartphone.  

Mini car vacuum cleaner

For quick cleaning of the car interior this accessory come as a handy tool. Just going in an extensive holidaying with friends or family it is very likely that your car will frequently be littered. A portable or mini vacuum cleaner for car can save you from the trouble.

Car fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are an irreplaceable tool for dealing with accidental fire. Like every home every car also needs this. Often just following a crash or car accidents, the car the heated engine causes breakout of fire. At such trying times small car fire extinguishers can act as life saver instruments. There is a whole range of sizes and volumes and corresponding prices of car fire extinguishers to choose from.

Adjustable steering tray

This accessory though is not absolutely necessary, but can add to the comfort of driver to a great extent. This steering tray can easily be fixed with the steering wheel and when the car is parked, allow using it as a writing table, a small table top to hold your glass of coffee and plate of snacks and to hold your laptop.

Fog lights

Having fog lights is a big necessity in winter and it leaves no choice. Unarguably they add to the clarity of viewing in foggy conditions. Moreover, they often save you from the trouble of being struck at darkness when the headlights suddenly refuse to work.

Electric car tyre air pump compressor

It is always important to maintain the recommended tyre pressure for better driving safety and also to ensure longevity of the tyres. The electric tyre air pump compressor allows inflating a tyre with air in just minutes. These compressors also come packaged with tyre puncture kits which is also a must have accessory for any car.