Is that true? Automotive tech is reshaping life beyond the cars

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by John Smith and

The car has been our friend for a long time. From its initial conception and status as a toy of the rich, it has now developed into an essential part of millions of people’s lives. Throughout its history there have been constant innovations and technological advancements; many of these have been the result of advancements in other fields which have been applied to the automobile. For the first time it is possible that this trend will go the other way, items which have been designed for the car will affect much more of your lives than just how we get from A to B.

Internet access from anywhere, at any time

2015 Chrysler 300S - interior 7 - AOA1200pxPeople are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet to communicate with each other, receive updates on the latest news and even stay up to date with their work. However, despite a variety of efforts there are many places in the world who are still struggling to access stable and affordable internet; particularly Wi-Fi.

There have been attempts to create hotspots from hot air balloons and even old phone boxes.  The latest attempt is to turn cars into Wi-Fi hubs. The cars are roaming as they are used and there should always be one in the vicinity. It is possible that this could create a whole new way of communicating and everybody and everything is connected to each other.

Car parks

The steady increase in vehicles on the road has meant an increase in parking spaces. Huge multi-stories and pieces of land are dedicated to providing everyone with somewhere to park their car. However, if the autonomous car takes off as it is expected to then it will no longer be necessary to find somewhere to park. Your car will drop you off at a work and then it is free to ferry other people around for the day; until you need it again! The car never needs to be parked!

Environmental issues

The car produces emissions which are harmful to the environment. In an effort to combat this, a variety of approaches have been adopted. One of these is the all electric vehicle. It is feasible to create an electric vehicle, but the range and recharge time are not yet satisfactory. In researching and developing this it has been discovered that the same technology can be used to power a house.

The autonomous vehicle

130827135152-self-driving-nissan-leaf-620xaThus is a valid concept and presently on the road in several places around the world undergoing trials. It is a matter of time before the vehicle starts to replace the conventional automobile and the next generation may even laugh at the thought of you driving your own vehicle! The autonomous vehicle will provide several significant opportunities to reshape life as you currently know it:

  • Productivity will massively increase as all the hours currently spent driving will be freed up to be used for something else; presumably work related.
  • Connectivity will become crucial. Every vehicle and effectively every person will be connected and tracked according to the vehicle they use. As each car will communicate with each other it will be possible to access the internet and talk to other people no matter where you are in the world; all via the car. The software which makes this possible already exists and can be applied to every area of your life, should you choose to.
  • Safety is the biggest drive behind this and potentially the biggest effect on modern life. An autonomous car will have fewer accidents and will be able to monitor the vital statistics of the passengers of its vehicle. Immediate medical assistance can be summoned or even re-routed if necessary to help save people’s lives.

There’s no doubt about it: the automotive industry is completely changing the way we look at cars today. As technology advances, it’s only natural for avid car buyers to want to have the latest models with the latest in-car tech. Of course, that’s also a matter of cash. When Porsche launches its famous Mission E concept car, a lot of wealthy people will want to own a piece. Until then, let’s just enjoy Tesla’s newest release – Model S, a revolutionary vehicle with a starting price of $35,000.