How to Modify the New Focus RS

If you’re a Ford fan, you’ve got to be pleased with the way the new Focus RS owns its Rally Sport badging. Ford has imbued its new pocket rocket with giant-killer performance, but they haven’t forgotten about fun along the way. Can you name another car on the market with drift mode?

Even so, part of owning a car like this is making it yours. Check out this video with suggestions on where to (ahem) focus when modding your new RS:

  • Intake/Exhaust: These “breather” modifications are a great place to start with any car. Both are affordable, and will give you the peace of mind that comes with not driving a “stocker.” The Mustang Ecoboost, which uses a variant of the engine in the Focus, has been shown to respond well to a free-flowing exhaust, so the Focus likely will too.
  • ECU: There’s no better value when it comes to mods than an ECU tune. Products like the COBB Accessport come preprogrammed with aggressive fuel mapping and boost settings. Just plug in the tuner and download the new tune. It is hands-down the quickest way to a more powerful car.
  • Suspension: The Focus RS comes from the factory with progressive suspension that’s good, but could be stiffer. If you plan to visit the track, some coilovers or lowering springs and a beefy set of roll bars will give you the stiff, responsive handling you need to shave seconds from your lap time.
  • Brakes: Ford equipped the RS with some serious stopping power from the factory. The hardware is willing, but an upgrade to some performance compound brake pads could be the difference between a fade-free track day and prolonged pit stops.
  • Interior: There are a few places you can improve on the factory interior appointments. Seats, for example, are the same as those used in the Focus ST, so consider swapping them out for a pair of dedicated racing buckets that will let you rotate your car without rotating yourself.

The Focus RS is new on the market, but aftermarket support is already strong. Tuners have some experience with its powertrain since it’s largely shared with the Mustang, and the Focus ST has already made the case for the Focus line as a performance bargain. Happy wrenching!