Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Used Car Fast

There comes a time in every driver’s life when they need to get rid of their car. No matter how much it pains you, it is a necessary decision. There is only so far an old car will get you, but a new car will pick up the slack. Before you can be out with the old and in with the new, you will need to get rid of your current motor. Finding a buyer for a used car isn’t easy work because there is a lack of trust. But, it is possible if you read the following tips.

Deal With The Red Tape

Even though you aren’t a big dealer, you are still trading a car for the money. As a result, you class as a trader. And, traders need to take care of certain regulations before they can accept anyone’s money. To begin with, you will need a trade insurance policy. The policy will cover you from any public liability should anything occur during the viewing process. Also, you will want to notify the DVLA. The Driving and Vehicles Licensing Agency needs to know when a car passes hands so that they can update their records. If you don’t, you are liable for a fine or worse.

Drop The Price

Everyone is obsessed with increasing the value of a car so that they can sell it for more money. Although the logic makes sense, it is flawed. Used cars are popular because they are cheap. They are also never going to command a high price as they are already second-hand. A steep price puts people off making a purchase. With that in mind, keep the price competitive and reasonable at the same time. The right price will interest the right people, and it will get you a good deal.

Don’t Lie

It is easy to lie when it comes to selling a car. The problem with a lie, no matter how insignificant, is that it puts doubt in the buyer’s mind. They start to think why you would lie to them and not tell them the truth. In the end, it snowballs into a complete and utter lack of trust. As soon as they don’t trust you, they will never a buy your car. it is always better to be open and honest with people when they come for a viewing. Tell them exactly what they will find on the vehicle history report, and show them a copy. The more legitimate you seem, the more chance you have of making a sale.

Succinct Advert

You don’t want people that aren’t interested in the car. However, they will turn up if the advert isn’t succinct and to the point. If there are things that are non-negotiable, you should tell them in the advert. That way, they know not to waste your time and their time. The advert might isolate a few people, but it might be in someone else’s wheelhouse. If no one turns up, you will have to reconsider what is non-negotiable and what is negotiable.

Until then, advertise everything you expect from the buyer.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.