Crucial Things to Avoid If You Have a Car Accident

With a little bit of luck, you will never experience a car accident. And, if you do, we hope that you are still able to make important decisions afterwards. There are a few critical things to remember after being in a car crash or incident – and plenty of advice on the web for what you should do. But what about things you should avoid? In today’s guide, we are going to go through several things you definitely should NOT do. Read on to find out more.

Fleeing the scene

Never leave the scene of a car accident if someone has been hurt or damage has been caused to a vehicle. It is against the law in many states, and it’s not going to look good for your case if you flee the scene. You may face an automatic charge, and it could lead to a criminal record or even a prison sentence in some cases. Ensure you call the authorities, and wait at the scene until a police officer arrives.

We all know the impact that road rage can have on people, and when you are involved in a crash, it can be easy to lose your cool. Don’t. Try and keep calm and stay on top of your emotions It might be tempting to start blaming the other party, and tempers can fray. However, if you lose your control and get angry, it’s going to be much more likely that the incident will get more severe. Instead, try and do something positive, like arrange help for anyone with an injury, or just wait for the authorities to turn up.

Doing nothing

As soon as you have an accident, it is essential that you take a particular set of actions. You should start taking down as much information about the incident as you can, and collect evidence. If your accident ends up with an insurance claim, you will need every last scrap of evidence you can get to support your defence. Your car accident lawyer will appreciate several different types of evidence. These include photographs of the crash, contact details of any witnesses, and the details of the other parties involved. Get as much information as you can without putting yourself in danger, and it will support your claim.

Admitting anything

Accusations will fly around after an accident, but it’s critical that you do not admit anything. Discussions with the other party and an insurance company should be honest as possible, of course. But, you should never state that the event was your fault. Doing so will lead to a situation where your statement is used against you. It will strengthen the other party’s case, and it will be more likely you will face a stronger lawsuit.

Doing nothing

If you are capable, there is a lot to do in the aftermath of a car accident. You have to contact your insurance company straight away, of course, as well as the police. You should also get in touch with a lawyer to help your case. Avoid doing nothing – it will end up working against you in the event you face a claim or lawsuit.


Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.