What Are The Chances That You’ll Have A Car Accident?

Every driver likes to believe that when they’re out on the roads, they’re one of the best and safest drivers. And because of this, believe that having a car accident is unlikely to happen to them. However, that’s sadly not the case. The truth is that car accidents can, and do, happen to anyone and everyone.

Being a good driver isn’t enough. Often, car accidents are something that are outside of your control. You might be able to ensure that you’re an incredibly safe driver, but you can control how safe other drivers on the road are.

What are the main causes of car accidents?

The causes of car accidents vary from case to case, with no two incidents being the same in every detail. However, there are some causes of car accidents that crop up time and time again. The most common causes of car accidents are driving under the influence, being tired, or distracted.

According to the Law Offices of Michael J Brown, being involved in a car crash can have horrendous effects. From causing severe injuries to having an impact on your finances, car accidents can be life-altering. Each year, thousands of road traffic accident personal injury claims are made. Many of these are for minor injuries. However, a percentage of these claims are for life-changing injuries.

How many car crashes are there each year in the US?

In the US alone, in 2014 there were 29,989 fatal vehicle crashes, in which 32,675 deaths occurred. The amount of all car accidents that occur in the US each year is unknown, as many are minor and aren’t recorded. However, from the large amount of fatal crashes, it’s clear that dangerous driving is a problem in the US. These statistics average out at 10.2 deaths per 100,000 people.  

In 2015, the US had its deadliest year, in terms of road traffic accidents, since 2007. From January to June 2014, 19,000 people were killed in road traffic accidents. That was a 14% increase to the year before for the same period. Statistics also showed that the amount of injuries, costs, and claims, also rose during this period.

Is there any way to stay safe while on the roads?

US safety officials have said that although it’s impossible to prevent road traffic accidents, we can reduce the amount. The truth is that the majority of car accidents are caused by driver error. These are things like driving while tired, drink driving, and not paying due care and attention while on the roads.

The key to cutting the amount of car accidents in the US is safer drivers. This doesn’t only require drivers to be more aware of when they should and shouldn’t drive – as in after drinking. It also relates to how well-maintained vehicles are. Car accidents can often be caused by driving an unsafe vehicle. This is something that, with the right care, is preventable.

It’s hard to predict what the chances are that you will have a car accident, as there are so many risk factors to take into account. With the high amount of accidents that happen each day, it’s probable that at some point or another most drivers will be involved in a collision.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.