Lamborghini Celebrates Past and Future at Monterey

Lamborghini’s past and future converged in Monterey this year as the brand celebrated its heritage and showcased its latest limited-edition super sports car for the first time.

Charging Into The Future With Full Force

The Centenario Roadster made its global debut on Friday, August 19, at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering, a perfect locale where car lovers converge from all over the world; the best that California car culture has to offer.  A limited run of 20 Roadsters will be produced, complementing the 20 Centenario coupes scheduled for production.

With its venerable history in mind, Automobili Lamborghini set about conceptualizing a car that would embody the past while forging its future and to blaze the trail for super sports cars of the future.

Automobili Lamborghini’s Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Domenicali was on hand to debut the vehicle disclosing “Lamborghini prides itself on the relentless pursuit of experimentation. We are proud to unleash Centenario’s further potential in the form of a roadster; the perfect harmony between innovation and timeless design. Centenario Roadster embraces the cutting edge characteristics of its coupé version and embraces the freedom of a true open-top super sports car for a pure drive experience”.

“This was a project of passion,” said Maurizio Reggiani, Board Member, R&D. “From a technical point of view, the Centenario breaks new ground for us in many ways. This is the first time we have used rear-wheel steering and the results are remarkable. It is also the first time we have introduced a car with Internet connectivity. And of course, this car also has the most powerful V12 engine we have ever produced.”

One year ago in the very same location, a small group of Lamborghini clients were invited to preview the Centenario behind closed doors and their response was unequivocally positive. The 40-unit allocation sold out a few short weeks after that secret preview.

House of the Raging Bull Celebrates Rich History

Nowhere on earth provides a more prestigious setting to acknowledge automotive heritage than Monterey Classic Car Week. That’s why Lamborghini chose it as one of the signature locations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its icon, the Miura.

“Passion for the Miura transcends all boundaries,” said Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini Chief Executive Officer. “This year we have already been able to gather with many Miura owners, people who have a particularly special piece of our heritage in their garage. Here in Monterey, it is more evident than ever that Ferruccio Lamborghini started something truly remarkable in Sant’Agata Bolognese 50 years ago when the Miura was born.”

On Friday, August 19, a record number of 25 Miuras gathered and took part in a special dedicated class during The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering. Lamborghini executives and Miura experts spent the afternoon meticulously reviewing each of the entrants and evaluating them based on their condition and historic accuracy. Every owner who entered a car in this once-in-a-lifetime event received a commemoratory plaque denoting their car’s participation.

On Saturday, August 20, seven special awards including the Best of Marque Award have been given to Miura owners by Alessandro Farmeschi, Chief Operating Officer of Automobili Lamborghini America, in occasion of the event  Concorso Italiano.

Then on Sunday, August 21, five owners had the special privilege of driving their Miura onto Pebble Beach’s famed eighteenth green as dawn broke and the sun kissed Carmel, Calif. The rare opportunity to mark this milestone in Lamborghini history will never come again.

In Pebble Beach Stefano Domenicali was also part of the group of Honorary Judges.

In addition to the special Miura classes, Automobili Lamborghini showcased its heritage on Peter Hay Hill with a vehicle display showcasing the Miura.

Setting Records, Shattering Expectations

Through the first half of 2016, Lamborghini enjoyed strong momentum by selling 2,013 units in the first half of the year to set a new sales record. That is the latest in a series of records.  The year began with the announcement that the Lamborghini sold 3,245 cars worldwide and 1,009 in the U.S. setting a new high-water mark in both cases.

Further complimenting that success, factory expansion to add a third production line in anticipation of the new SUV continues. In the coming years, Lamborghini will roughly double the size of its staff in Italy and worldwide as part of the expansion.

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