Vauxhall ADAM Review – The New Era of City Cars?

The rise of the city car has been noted by car manufacturers for quite some time. So why some may ask, has it taken this long for Vauxhall to catch on and produce it’s very own version of the Fiat 500 or Peugeot 107. Well… we aren’t quite too sure either. But a few things are for sure; it offers a particular kind of city car luxury we have not yet witnessed from other manufacturers. But will this new kid on the block bring in a new era of city cars?

It looks smart there is no denying, with the option of customisation if buying brand new, the colours of the ADAM are fun to pick and choose from. One thing we have noticed when purchasing from new is the easier option to get your car, by using a car courier company like the Shiply service. The interiors of the car do not let down the eye down either. Striking patterns that clash in a pleasing way and a high spec, high-quality dashboard. The ability to change almost every aspect inside to what you want, is something that is setting the ADAM apart from other city cars. It’s tapping into this bespoke loving generation that is always looking for new ways to be original and different. The panoramic glass roof allows you to feel like you’re in a high-class bubble (while allowing others to see in from all angles at your custom interior ride).
While fun features and well-designed interiors boost the ADAM to the upper end of choice within city cars, there is just one thing in their way from being the best. And that thing is the Mini, with its BMW engine and reputation for the luxury city car, it will take a lot to beat. However, with the fun aspects that Vauxhall is showcasing within the ADAM, we feel that it wasn’t trying to one up on the Mini. Instead, it is almost as if Vauxhall are trying to tap into the more daring and bold generation who are looking for more than just a cheap run around.

From a 1-litre eco to a 1.4-litre turbo, how much you want to be spending on your ADAM is down to you, the eco option is very wise for the larger city dwellers of us. Long waits in traffic and many short trips can drain petrol very fast. The eco will allow for 57.6 MPG, in comparison to the 1.4 that offers 47.9 MPG, over a 10-mile difference that can’t be ignored.

The Vauxhall ADAM, despite previous concerns about being a late-comer, is worth the wait if you’re looking for a smooth, fun almost luxury city car. You will have almost as much fun creating it as you will driving around. Vauxhall has done well to transform their well known Corsa into a new era. We are going to say that yes, this marks a new era of bespoke city cars.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.