The New Acura GPS Update Now Available on DVD

If you own and drive an Acura vehicle then you might have the dashboard navigation system as an optional extra.  Acura are a luxury branch-off from the Honda brand and are some of the best-selling cars around the globe.  

The range now includes the CL, TL, and MDX models – and if you chose the Technology Package when buying from your dealer, you will have the satellite navigation device actually built-in to the dashboard meaning you don’t need to use a standalone product like a Garmin GPS.

Having the Acura navigation system will mean you don’t need to spend money on a GPS device, but you will still need to pay money out on it as new map updates are released annually (which is down to the fact the North American road networks are changing every year with new roads and highways appearing).

If you do decide to buy new Acura GPS update maps (and you can do that on the link just shown for 2017) they will come packaged on a DVD.  Installing them into the dashboard is relatively straight-forward – this is how you do it:

Installation Instructions for the Acura GPS Update Disc

  1. Find the disc drive and tray for the dashboard GPS system.  On most Acura cars this will be actually underneath the display screen of the product on the dash.  However, some earlier models from around 2003 and 2004 actually have the disc drive located in the glove box or even underneath the driver’s seat – so it’s worth consulting your manual.
  2. The Acura GPS will then ask you to input you serial number.  The code can be found on the DVD case printed on a silver sticker.  Without this code you can’t install the new maps updates – and the unique codes are also why Acura navigation torrent downloads will not work for you.
  3. The new map updates will now start to install and should take around three quarters of an hour.

Just Don’t Turn the GPS Off When Installing!

When installing of the new disc, you should never turn off the Acura’s ignition or the GPS system itself.  If you do then it’s very likely that the software upgrade will not complete correctly and you may need to take the vehicle to an official dealer or mechanic in order to get it fixed again.

What Comes on the 2017 Acura DVD?

The new disc was released in October 2017 and comes with everything a United States or Canadian (European versions also available) driver should need for successful directions in 2017.  This includes the following functionality and features:

  • All road and highway updates that occurred in the UK from August 2015 to August 2016
  • Millions of Points of Interest files giving the user touch-and-go locations to places of value
  • Changes to any business addresses that also happened during this period
  • Updated Voice Navigation Command software so the system works better

It Could Even Save You Money in the Long Run

Another reason to update is that the manufacturer of the discs, a company called HERE (formally Navteq) have released some interesting research in recent months showing how GPS devices can actually save drivers money. This is due to the clever routing functionality which reduces mileage, therefore fuel costs. For the ecologically-minded this can also have the knock-on effect of reducing CO2, or carbon emissions. So even more reasons to update with the latest maps and directions.

About the Author & GPS Bites

Court Jenkins is an Acura fan and enthusiast and maintains a website that contains details on how drivers can get the best deals on Acura navigation systems including many other vehicle brands. Find out more about him and the team on the GPS Bites website.