Tutorial on How to Use the Nissan Navigation DVD

Nissan are the 5th best-selling car brand in the whole of the United States, and many of them now come with GPS installed as an option extra into the dashboard’s entertainment system.

Updating the maps on the Nissan GPS is done via a 2017 Nissan Navigation DVD and should be relatively straight forward, however, some drivers will struggle to do this so this short tutorial tells you exactly how to do it and why.  

Nissan GPS Maps from HERE

The Nissan GPS navigation system runs off maps developed by a company called HERE, and the maps are updated every year, and will need to be installed from disc.  The latest 2017 map updates for the Nissan navigation system were released in late 2016 and can be purchased online direct from the GPS Bites website where you can find for full details on not just Nissan but also other brands such as Acura, Jeep, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz.  

Installing the 2017 Nissan Navigation DVD

Once you have bought the latest Nissan Navigation DVD you will need to wait for it to arrive in the post.  When it arrives, installing new Nissan GPS maps is easy – this is how you do it some very simple to understand steps.

  1. Put the key in the ignition and start the Nissan vehicle up.
  2. The Nissan Navigation System should turn on automatically, if not press the “on” button to enable it.
  3. Click to eject your old Nissan HERE DVD from the drive and dispose of it.
  4. Place the new DVD in and then press “yes” to accept new map updates.
  5. Now you will need to enter in the serial number which can be found on the DVD packaging.  
  6. The new Nissan GPS maps, routes, and directions will install, taking no longer than 20 minutes on average.

One important aspect to note is that you should never, ever turn the Nissan GPS device off whilst the new Navteq map installer disc is running.  If you do this it could compromise the upgrade and mean that you need to take the car to an official Nissan engineer or dealership to get it fixed – this is a worst case scenario though.  

Do Not Risk Downloading Hacked Versions of the Nissan DVD

Another thing to look out for is websites that offer to give you a free download of the Nissan Navigation DVD.  These downloads have been known to contain viruses or Trojan Horse programs that can infect your PC or Mac beyond repair.  

In addition to that you won’t have access to your own unique serial number so it will actually be impossible to install the new Nissan GPS maps off this download anyway – it always works out better to pay for the official 2017 map update disc.

Author Credit: Article kindly supplied Court Jenkins of the GPS Bites website. They offer details on most car and vehicle brands. You might also be interested in Jeep GPS updates which have also recently been released. Details on that on the GPS Bites website.