Holiday Time! What To Pack And Not To Pack In The Car

Can’t sleep? Butterflies floating around in your stomach? Must be the time for another exciting family holiday to the mountains. However, do you always find that you have to leave some necessary items behind? Let that not be the case this time. Please read on.

So what are the essentials to pack for your camping trip? Well first and foremost, get your tent ready. Yes, that may seem blindly obvious but it’s vital you make sure that you have the correct number of pegs and poles available to you. No one wants to do that night time run to the local camping shop when they’re there do they? After that, add sleeping bags, pillows, groundsheets and anything else that makes your night sleep as comfortable as possible, weather dependent of course. Once the tent is sorted and everything is double checked, you may move on to other amenities that you and the kids both need to have that memorable family trip of a lifetime.

You plan on doing a lot of walking and cycling whilst you’re there so bring gear that aids these activities, like protective cycle wear, warm anoraks and comfortable walking boots. In order to free up some valuable space for all these items, it’s also wise to scout through a whole host of companies that do bicycle racks for cars. Clothing wise, don’t be stingy! Bring extras. You can’t predict the weather and it’s definitely advisable for you to bring clothes for all possibilities. Plus you’re in a tent and those extra layers may definitely come in handy! Accessories wise, it might be best to get a map of the area you are visiting as WIFI might be ropey up on the mountains. It will get the children reading anyway! Extra homework for them during the holidays!

Now, to think of the car journey. We all want a nice, smooth journey don’t we? However how often does that happen? Not enough. Whether it’s the kids whining in the back or the sat nav is on the blink, we’ve all been there. Keep the children in the back entertained with colouring books and teddies. Maybe a film on the ipad if you have one and are willing to risk bringing it on holiday? This should keep them entertained for a couple of hours at least. If the trip is long one, then why not put a couple of pillows and duvets in the back so as to keep them all warm and cosy with the added bonus of seeing them fall to sleep. Food and drink is also a necessity. Bring a load of snacks along for you to feast on and remember to keep hydrated. You’ll feel the benefits at the end of the journey.

Everything packed in place. Seatbelts on. Bikes firmly in place on the car. The Sat Nav barking at you to leave the drive. It must be time for your holiday to start. Have a great time and send us a postcard!

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Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.