10 Best Books for Car Lovers

There’s only 19 days until Christmas, which means it’s time to at least think about some shopping. Chances are, you know a fellow car-lover but can’t think of a decent gift. How about a car book?

Like the manual transmission, the book is a dying art form. One-upped by internet videos and flashy TV shows, it’s easy to excuse books as old and stuffy, but there’s a certain magic about the printed page that refuses to go away.

If the car lover in your life could use a good read, our list of books includes everything from racing-inspired novels to coffee table books right at home in any proper man cave, and all points in between. Here are our top 10 books for car lovers this holiday.

Carrera RS

26_main_fullA tale of one man’s epic journey in the 1973 Carrera RS – the venerated track-hardened 911 that spawned an entire progeny of legendary cars.

Physics for Gearheads

screenshot_37If the car guy in your life is the type who’s determined to re-engineer their ride better than it came from the factory, something more technical might fit the bill. Randy Beikmann explains the core physics of auto racing and backs them with real-world examples.

Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans

9780547336053-usWhat’s there to say that the title hasn’t already said? One of the best underdog stories of motorsports history, starring the legendary Carroll Shelby. There’s a good reason it’s on our list of best books for car lovers.

Giorgetto Guigiaro

genius-of-design-jpg-20150825There are certain names that are synonymous with great design. Pininfarina, Zagato and Guigiaro rank among the all-time greats. This photo-packed tribute is the perfect addition to any car lover’s home.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

arr_pb_600x900For the car lover who’s not afraid to dive into a good novel, here’s one that’s told from the perspective of a dog. A dog who loves to race cars, of course.

Driving Ambition: The Official Inside Story of the McLaren F1

61pqjq0wpdlFew cars have the staying power of the F1. Find out what its creators had to go through to craft a car so special in this coffee table book that chronicles the process.

Mustang: 50 Years: Celebrating America’s Only True Pony Car

bkm50yIf American metal is a favorite of the person you’re buying for, here’s a tribute to the red white and blue’s most recognizable car. Even people who aren’t major Mustang fans will still find this to be a great car book.

The Impossible Collection of Cars

9781614280156-impossiblecollectionofcars-03One can never truly have enough cars, but what is the perfect collection? This volume seeks to answer that question, showcasing 100 timeless rides from all eras.

Drive On! A Social History of the Motor Car

screenshot_38L.J.K Setright takes a different perspective in this piece, examining the development of the car and its place in society over the course of generations.

Formula 1: All the Races

formula1-all-the-races_1024x1024For the diehard fan of racing’s highest echelon, here’s the end-all be-all chronical of what’s taken place in the last 65 years.

Finally, you can buy someone a book as a gift and know they’ll actually open it. If you do come across some humbug out there who can’t appreciate a well-selected car book, just tell them reading is good for hand-eye coordination – which will make them better behind the wheel.