No Need to Speed: How to Legally Pursue The Thrill of Driving

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As a child raised on video games and high-octane movies it’s easy to get the wrong impression of what life is like on the road – it’s not all about car chases. Although the thought of driving fast may seem alluring at first, in reality you should only drive “fast” as a means to get to a destination – public roads are not designed for thrill-seeking in mind.

What’s more, drivers should stick to speed limits at all times – they were created for a reason, after all. However, all this can’t hide the fact that there is an attraction to driving fast, but there is a time and place to indulge this. If you want to legally enjoy the thrill of driving, then here’s how.

A day at the track

A day at a racing track is a great way of getting to experience life in the fast lane without compromising your own, or anyone else’s, safety. There are a huge number of tracks and cars to choose from, ensuring that there’ll be one to suit the petrolhead in your life. The only restriction on your speed will be the quality of your driving – although you may not want to push the car too hard. These vehicles will be expensive – some of them may even be antiques – and it’s highly likely that you’ll have to pay for any damage that you cause.

Enjoying the moment

Even away from the race track, there are other ways to get a thrill behind the wheel without breaking the law. Try to enjoy the act of driving, not for its speed, but for what it represents: the freedom of the open road.

In order to gain more enjoyment from driving, why not investigate some of the most beautiful and scenic drives in your local area? Many tourist boards are pushing road trips as a great way of exploring a particular area. This way, you get to create new experiences behind the wheel that will thrill and excite you, without having to break the speed limit. In fact, you may find yourself stopping more often than you might expect as you take in the view.

The consequences

Firstly, there could financial ramification if you’re found speeding, with fines varying as a result of the severity of your offence. Also, if you’re speeding on the road and are involved in a collision, then your insurance claim could  be very difficult to navigate, even if you were driving safely otherwise. Consulting reliable car accident lawyers will let you know your best options going forward, but the safest approach is to remain within the speed limit at all times. And remember, the speed limit applies even in times of emergency, so make sure you adhere to it.
Of course, there could be much more than just monetary problems to deal with if you are speeding. It greatly increases the likelihood of you being involved in an accident, which could have physical and emotional consequences for yourself and anyone else involved. In fact, it could be life-changing, which is why there really is no need to speed. Not in any circumstance.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.