7 Common Myths About Waterless Car Washes

You might have heard about these things called waterless car washes lately. They’re becoming more and more popular as a way of getting your car clean. However, there are plenty of misconceptions out there about waterless car washes and how healthy they are for your car and for the environment. The truth is, most of these misconceptions are simply myths that have been floated around and shouldn’t be believed. In the below article, we’re going to go through seven of the most common myths about waterless car washes and why you shouldn’t believe them.

  1. They’ll Scratch Your Car’s Surface. 

The only time that a waterless wash or wax product is going to damage your car’s surface is if you don’t use the right techniques. In the first place, you’ve got to use a 100% cotton cloth to wash your car’s surface if you don’t want to leave any scratches. Of course, that’s after you’ve sprayed the formula on the cloth. Make sure to rub lightly and use a circular motion to remove the dirt from the surface of your car.

  1. The Detailing Products Aren’t Good for The Environment.

A lot of people argue that waterless wash and wax products are bad for the environment because they contain chemicals that released into the air and run off from your car whenever it rains. However, this doesn’t have as bad of an impact on the environment as much as these rumors claim. Every method of washing your car is going to have some sort of environmental impact. However, when you use a waterless method, this is going to save tons of water, which actually makes it a pretty positive car-washing method for the environment. Wash Wisely and help protect our planet!

  1. They’re All the Same.

A lot of those spreading rumors about the waterless car washes are going to say that all of the products on the market are the same. However, there are some important differences between the waterless car washing products out there. For example, some are going to come in aerosol cans, while some come in bottles. The base materials for various products are going to be different, as well.

  1. They Will Damage Your Car’s Paint Job.

This is absolutely not true. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth because waterless car washes and waxes actually provide a protective layer for your car thanks to the materials used. Using a waterless car wash product is definitely not going to hurt your car’s precious paint job.

  1. They’re More Expensive Than Washing Your Car with Water and Soap.

It might seem like common sense that it’s going to be more expensive to use a waterless wash product than with water and soap. However, you’re going to be saving tons of water, which will help bring down your monthly water bill. Plus, you’re not going to have to spend your hard-earned money on various car cleaning supplies.

  1. They’re Only Useful for In-Between Detailing and Pre-Treatment.

This just isn’t true – waterless car wash and wax products are definitely not just for pre-treatment and detailing purposes. Sure, it’s true that you should use these products on your car if it’s absolutely covered in mud, these products still work wonders whenever you want to give your car a quick clean.

  1. They’re the Same Thing as Quick Detailers.

Quick detailers have the purpose of giving your car a light clean whenever you don’t have the time for a complete wash. These detailers don’t have as much cleaning power as waterless wash products do, so they are completely different animals.

Make sure that you understand each of these distinctions whenever you are thinking whether to start washing your car with a waterless car wash product. These myths don’t stand up to scrutiny and should definitely not affect your buying decision.

Photo by MikeBird, CC0 1.0