Buying a Brand New Car- Is It Worth It?

Many of us would love to own a new car but are put off actually investing for a couple of reasons. When they’re so expensive to buy new, a new car can seem unattainable for many. And when they don’t hold their value, from a financial point of view it makes sense why people can be steered towards a used model. However, there are many fantastic benefits too.

New Vehicle Deals

There’s no doubt that buying a new car is expensive, however new vehicle deals can bring the cost right down and mean they’re not as pricey as you initially thought. If you check out something like Don Wessel Honda new car deals, for example, you’ll see the kinds of offers that are available which can significantly reduce what you pay. You may also be able to negotiate the price or have some added extras thrown in.

Less Repair Cost

When you buy a used car, you might pay less up front, but you could be stung with huge repair bills. Brakes, tyres, the clutch and gearbox are all common faults in used cars, and these things can be expensive to replace. It makes sense that when you buy a new car it will perform well for much longer and be quite some time before any repairs need to be made. Unlike used cars, brand new cars also have a warranty anyway meaning if anything does go wrong you won’t be left out of pocket. After the one year standard warranty you also have the option to extend this to three years which is a worthwhile investment. Fewer repairs mean less hassle, so if you want the easy option buying new is a good move.

Cheaper Insurance

It’s a myth that car insurance is more expensive for new cars. Due to improved safety features the cost is actually reduced, this is because insurers weigh up the risk of accidents when calculating prices. Of course, insurance is hugely based on your age, driving history and type of car you drive, but it’s not correct to assume that just because a car is brand new that it will automatically be very expensive to insure.

It’s ‘Just Yours.’

While many used cars can be bought it great condition, with a new car, everything is pristine. That ‘new car smell’ is impossible to replicate, there are no miles on the clock, and it’s equipped with all of the latest technology. No one has owned it before, and it’s something you have bought that is just yours. A new car is a huge achievement and something you can feel incredibly proud of.

Buying a brand new car is definitely worth it in some cases, weigh up the pros and cons based on your needs and your current financial situation. Maybe it’s something you’re able to do for your next car, or perhaps it’s something to aim for in the future once you’ve had time to save.

Have you/ would you ever purchase a new car? What would be your main reasons for doing so?

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.