Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Rolls Into The Spotlight

How do you debut a new vehicle and generate both hype and interest? What if that vehicle is very different from what you’ve done before and needs more attention for that? Well, for Jaguar, that’s the electric E-Pace sport utility. Instead of launching it with a media event, some TV spots, and a few social media pushes, the English automaker decided to.. well, literally launch it.

The new Jaguar E-Pace was modified slightly for safety reasons, put through a battery (some 700+ hours) of engineering hours and practice runs, and then literally barrel rolled for a small audience and some cameras. The testing is as interesting as the actual run. It involves robots. And giant airbags. And a lot of mistakes before getting it right.

Yes. Barrel rolled. It’s the first time a production vehicle has been showcased this way. At least to our knowledge. Here’s video:

Aaron Turpen
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