The Cost Of Luxury: Caring For An Old Mercedes Benz

A Mercedes is an excellent purchase because they last forever. Let’s face it; a Merc is German engineering at its best. Still, cars are industrial machines, and like all machines, they suffer from old age. So, there is bound to be problems no matter how much money you spent or how well they age. Instead of bitching and moaning, it’s your responsibility to find a solution. After all, sending a Benz to a scrap yard is a dark day for any petrol head. With that in mind, here are the things you need to know about caring for an aging Mercedes.

Head To Specialist Garages

The thing with luxury cars is that they have components that are beyond an ordinary mechanic. By no means is this supposed to be offensive because anyone that can fix cars is skillful. However, their skills are going to be much less effective if they have never come across this model before. Sure, lots of people drive Mercedes, but that doesn’t mean a regular mechanic knows how to deal with the issue. As such, it’s best to see a specialist like a Euro Motor Sport Mercedes mechanic. That way, you can be sure that know how to handle the situation without doing more damage.

Don’t Do It Yourself

As soon as you see the bill, you may contemplate a bit of DIY for the next time. Whatever you do, please don’t let the temptation get in the way of the reality. You are a novice, so attempting to fix any car is a bad idea. Trying to repair a luxury model is an even worse idea because they are different. The result, therefore, will be you doing more harm than good and increasing the cost of repair. As soon as you feel or see something amiss, contact a professional.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Just because everything seems fine on the surface doesn’t mean that is the case. Even with reliable models like a Mercedes, there is no way to know when a disaster will strike. Yes, that is the same of any car, yet it is truer of an older version due to wear and tear. To avoid a scene, you should try and schedule a tune-up once every month or two. Then, the inevitable problems that will occur are easy to fix in advance. Plus, there is no reason for them to escalate out of control and affect the rest of the vehicle.

Clean The Exterior

Because you own a Benz, you want the exterior to function as well as the interior. After all, a Mercedes is a bit of a status thing, so a dirty car isn’t very appealing. On average, the rule is to wash and wax a car four times a year, but you should aim for five or six. Older cars pick up dirt and grime much easier than newer models (something to do with the paint job), so they need more TLC.

Plus, a dirty exterior can affect the interior in some circumstances.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.