Mercedes AMG-CLS 63 S Coupe

The Mercedes AMG range is big and beautiful. Pretty much every model of mercedes also has a version. AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. Makes no sense to the car, but is the birth town of Aufrecht. However, when you see a Mercedes vehicle with the AMG badge, just know it has an insane amount of power, and sounds incredible. The car we’re reviewing today is the CLS, as kitted out version of it’s baby brother, the normal CLS.

The first ever normal CLS was rolled out of the production line in 2003. Since then it hasn’t really changed much in terms of design. Apart from it is now sleeker, more sophisticated, and uses lighter materials. However the overall shape hasn’t really altered. The first CLS had a six cylinder twin turbo engine, and took parts from the E-class and the SL. However, the latest AMG version is just a league of its own. They’re currently on sale for around $90,000 from a Mercedes dealership. If you want one, but can’t afford the full price, or the monthly rental. Try companies like I Need Cash Now. You might find an affordable loan, as most of the time they beat what dealerships offer you.


All versions of the AMG are a coupe. Looking head on the front of the car bears a large open lower grill taking the width of the car. Above is a center grill with a the iconic large Mercedes badge in the centre. The sweeping headlights give off an evil look, and contain LED daytime running lights. The bodywork follows the same slim style all the CLS’s do, but with a touch of elegance. Something about the AMG just gives off pure class, whilst still offering a meaty angry look. The new CLS has also had a new bumper, making it more square compared to the old more rounded look. The bonnet has been specially designed to help streamline the car, giving it a slimmer, yet wider front end look. The back offers the two twin exhaust systems backing out of the square raised back bumper, again, only adding to its powerful look. The back also features sweeping cat eye like LED filled lights.  The wheel arches are also noticeably wider and bigger. This doesn’t add anything performance wise, they’ve been placed there purely to emphasise the car’s size and power.  No matter what angle you look at this car from, it looks amazing. It’s also made from aluminium to give it that lightweight edge, and help with overall speed and performance. There’s an optional package, for a little extra, to have carbon fiber fitted. This would be added to the door mirrors and rear diffuser. Again, this doesn’t do anything to aid the speed of the car, it’s purely a nice aesthetic touch.


The interior has also had a slight spruce up compared to its previous models. It features the all leather AMG sport seats. With the front two head rests having the AMG logo embedded into them. Adding an element of class among a car that’s built for the opposite. It is said that the leather seats offer lumbar support, supposedly helping your body to cope with the agility of the car. The front seats are adjustable for optimum comfort. Are heated, as all AMG’s are for extra warmth during the cold winters. Extra comfort features include being able to adjust the seat cushion length and the curve of the back. One feature we’re sure you will also like, is the seats are memory foam cushioned. There’s nothing worse than having to drive long journey’s and having that annoying numb bum feeling, The comfort of the AMG’s seating should solve this. The tech inside the car is also one of the best in it’s range. The gear selector has been moved from it’s horrible position from the back of the steering wheel, to the front of the console. It’s fully equipped with all the basics such as bluetooth, USB, AUX, Sat Nav, front and rear cameras. And a configuration screen, that couples as the radio, that lets you choose which mode the car should be in. The general size of the interior is decent enough to make it a family car.

Under The Hood

This is the most exciting part of the car. It features a 5.5 litre V8, twin turbocharged engine. A mouth full we know. It is a step down from the 6.2 litre of it’s older brother. But it still gives you a whopping 585 bhp, and supposedly getting to 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. Enough to make the hair of any car lover’s neck stand up. The roar of the engine that flies from the exhaust is immense as it accelerates rapidly through the gears. It also gives you 800Nm of torque, pushing you back into your seat with every bit of acceleration, exactly what you need. The transmission is a AMG Speedshift MCT 7 sports transmission. Meaning you can switch between automatic and semi-automatic with ease. One nice addition to the engine is it’s smooth running, an eco ability. A step up from the not so very economical version of the 65. Although still poor in terms of more average priced cars, it gives a combined consumption of 28.5 MPG. Yes it’s slow, but compared to cars such as the Audi A4 RS, it does fair pretty well.

Should You Buy One?

The simple answer is yes, This total beast of a car will get you from A-B in speed, style, and excitement. The comfort and speed have been mixed together in perfect harmony. It’s a reasonably affordable car for its class. If it’s a little too out of your price range to buy brand new, try a second hand dealer. It’s much more economical, bigger, and handles like a dream. You’ll never go unheard, and you’ll never go without thrills due to the immense power of the engine. It will make for a decent family car as well if needed. There really aren’t many drawbacks with this car.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.