5 Tips to Clean Your Car like A Pro

Showing off the sleek car that you own is something that one cannot resist. But what about the background work done to make sure that it is up to its standards? Just dusting it with a dirty cloth is not going to get the job done. There are many tiny hacks, which when done properly, get your car to look its best.  Let’s have a look at the top five ways to get the car looking spick and span.

  1. Washing the Car

This obvious step is actually not so obvious at all. The key to make sure that the car is washed perfectly is to not just use a random cloth and some detergent. Firstly, wash the car with water to remove larger dirt particles and then use a drying cloth remove the smaller contaminants away from the surface. A car wash soap should be specifically used to make sure that no scratches appear on the surface and also to make sure that the essential waxes are not stripped off it. This process gives best results when it is done regularly at least once a week.

  1. Waxing

This is an essential step to ensure that the hard work put into making the car look good does not go wasted. It provides protection against the harmful UV rays and acts as a sunscreen for the body surface.Using a soft and non-abrasive piece of cloth or foam, apply a coating of wax all over the surface of the body when it is at a cooler temperature. Liquid wax is better suited because it spreads evenly and can be applied with ease. Further, cleaner wax can be used to restore that lost shine in your car, and so can an all-in-one wax. The car can then be kept clean with a detail spray.

  1. Dusting Away

Dust can easily fill the car and get into every nook and corner whether the car is used or not. It can be a huge menace especially when the air conditioner is switched on. The best way to make sure that the dust, along with the musty odor it brings, is to blow it away with an air compressor. There is not quite a lot to go into, but getting an air compressor with a capacity under five gallons is more than enough to take care of the dust which accumulates in the car.

  1. Cleaning the Carpet

The carpets easily tend to get dirty as they are subjected to the shoes and the accompanying dirt from the passengers who use the car. Maintaining the carpet and the upholstery involves spraying an all-purpose cleaner onto it and then brushing it up with a scrub brush. Scrub it hard whenever necessary only and avoid over stressing the surface.Also, allow it to dry completely as the process can make the interior really musty. Apply a good fabric protector after the scrubbing surface to make sure that it is not affected easily by the contaminants which it is subjected to.

  1. Clearing Hazy Headlights

Headlights getting hazy is another issue that we have all got to deal with. There are plenty of kits available which take just about 30 minutes to remove the haziness. This step basically involves different grades of sandpaper being rubbed onto the surface after applying an activator to clean the surface. After this, a type of plastic polish is applied and further another layer of activator is applied to obtain clear headlights.

The above listed hacks are just some of the numerous tiny hacks which make sure that your car is taken care of and looked after in the correct way possible. This further ensures the longevity of the car and also looks after its resale value.

Photo by Kaboompics, CC0 1.0