Five Reasons Your Vehicle Should Not Be Wearing Old Rubber

It’s not hard to fathom that the tires are an extremely important part of your vehicle that need care and attention just like the rest of it. The slightest wear and tear on tires can cause your vehicle to become difficult to handle on the road which is hazardous when driving, particularly in poor conditions.

Here are five indications that your tires need to be looked at by a mechanic:

#1 They’re Too Old

Inside your vehicle’s tires sidewalls you’ll find the manufacturers date code. It’s important to have an idea of the shelf-life of your tires and you can find out from this the month and year the tires were produced. The problem with tires when they get too old is that they can become brittle or prone to puncture if they’ve been in use for too long.

#2 Tires are Poorly Inflated

It’s wise to check your tire pressure from time to time and make sure it’s in keeping with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Having just one tire poorly inflated out of four can have a serious impact on control, performance and of course safety and so it’s essential to keep all your vehicle’s tires maintained at the correct air pressure.

#3 Tires are Overinflated

For the same reason as above, it can be dangerous to drive a vehicle if one or more of the tires have too much air pressure in them. They are also more prone to puncture or worse – a blowout while you’re behind the wheel. Most garages have a complete list of the recommended tire pressure for different brands of vehicles and this is a crucial maintenance check for driving safety.

#4 Tires have Deteriorated

It’s not just time that can affect the quality of your vehicles tires but also the road surface. Over time, vehicles that are kept outside may become damaged by the sun or prolonged freezing temperatures, which can have a corrosive and erosive effect on your vehicle, particularly the tires. Exposure to weather conditions can lead to tires cracking and ultimately, they will need replacing with new ones.

#5 Slow Puncture

It’s very easy to get something stuck in your tires when driving around and you may not even notice. Perhaps you drove over a nail and it got stuck in the rim? This often causes a slow puncture which can be very hard to notice. It’s possible to drive around oblivious to something having penetrated the rubber of your tires until it causes a puncture or blowout. With a slow puncture, it’s possible to have a quick fix carried out by a mechanic rather than having to replace the tire with a new one.

Keep your Vehicle in the Best Condition with Professional and Affordable Mechanical Services

When you’ve invested so much money in your vehicle, it’s important that it drives the way you want it to. That’s why we always recommend a regular service schedule at a reliable service center like AB Hyundai so that your vehicle’s wear and tear is dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. It’s essential to go with a reputable provider as they house expert mechanics who are highly skilled in all types of vehicle maintenance and charge reasonable fees.