10 Car Modifications You Should Probably Avoid

Having a reliable and appealing vehicle is something that most people view as a priority. With all of the different vehicles out there, a person will have to do a great deal of research to find the right fit for their particular needs. The time that is put into doing this type of research is well worth it when you are able to get a great deal on a quality car. For most new car owners, finding ways to customize their vehicle is a must. Working with the professionals at Pro Fabrication is a great way to get some guidance regarding the types of modifications to make to your new vehicle. Here are some of the car modifications that you will probably need to avoid.

  1. Large Rear Wings

I am sure you have seen cars on the road that feature a large rear wing. If you are going to be driving to work in a race car, then this might be a good addition for you. Instead of causing damage to your vehicle by drilling holes to install this gaudy monstrosity, you need to find other ways to customize the look of your vehicle. If your car was so powerful that it needed this type of stabilization, then it would already feature a rear wing. Let’s be honest, you don’t really need to stabilize the back end of a Honda Accord due to excessive speeds, so save your money and find other modifications to invest in.

  1. Just Say No to Racing Stripes

Many years ago, one of the most popular car modifications on the planet were racing stripes. In recent years, the appeal of these vinyl stripes have started to wane due to the fact that they can damage your car’s paint and they don’t really add any value to your vehicle. These days, most car enthusiast look at racing stripes as something that is old hat. If you are adamant about changing the exterior of your vehicle, then investing in a new paint job is your best bet. A new paint job will not only increase the appeal of your vehicle, it can make it more valuable as well.

  1. Avoid Scissor Doors

Regardless of what type of doors you have, it is impossible to turn your Mazda into a Lamborghini so stop trying. Not only are scissor doors expensive, they can actually lower the resale value of your vehicle. Also, these types of doors can put you in a lot of danger if you are involved in an accident where your vehicle rolls over. Due to the bad hinge design on these types of doors, it may be hard for emergency workers to get them open and get you out of the vehicle. Rather than putting yourself and the value of your car in danger, you should probably forego the installation of scissor doors.

  1. Lowering Your SUV

For years, people have been lowering vehicles to give them a sleeker look. While there are some vehicles that this modification is suited for, SUVs are definitely not one of them. Trying to lower your SUV will create a variety of problems. First off, when you lower your SUV you will be putting the parts on the underside of the vehicle in jeopardy. If you hit a bump or curb, you will probably tear a number of parts off of the underside of your vehicle if your SUV has been lowered. Also, lowering an SUV can reduce its resale value. This modification can also affect the way your SUV handles, so basically what we are saying is just don’t do it!

  1. Steer Clear of Huge Rims

Putting new rims and tires on a vehicle is a great way to instantly change the appeal it has. The key to having success with this type of modification is choosing the right size rims. While you may be tempted to go big with your rims, you should avoid this due to the massive amount of issues large rims can create. The biggest issue you will face if the rims on your vehicle are just too big is problems with handling. A larger rim will change the overall suspension geometry on your vehicle, which will lead to severe handling issues. If you want new rims and tires for your ride, consult with professionals in this industry for guidance regarding the size you need.

  1. Bumper Stickers Are Bad

Most people use bumper stickers as a way to inform other motorists on the road about their political affiliations, musical tastes and yes, their love of yard sales. While it may sound like a fun idea to outfit your vehicle with these stickers, it will actually lead to a number of problems when you try to sell your car. Trying to remove these stickers can lead to the paint being peeled off and a number of other problems. Instead of risking damage to your vehicle, you need to find other less harmful ways to express your individuality.

  1. DIY Tint Jobs Need to Be Avoided At All Costs

Having tint on the windows of your vehicle is great when trying to minimize the amount of direct sunlight the interior of your car gets. If the interior of your vehicle gets too much sun, it will lead to fabrics fading and plastic dashboards cracking up. While getting tint on your windows is a good idea, trying to install it on your own can turn into a nightmare. Unless you have extensive amount of experience with this type of work, you should avoid it at all costs. DIY tinting jobs will leave your car’s interior unprotected and just look downright unappealing. Finding a professional in your area with experience is the best way to ensure this job is done correctly.

  1. Your Doors Don’t Need Wings

Another bad modification you should avoid is wing doors. Some of the earlier foreign cars, like the Mercedes 300SL and some Tesla models have these types of doors. While winged doors look good on luxury vehicles, the aftermarket versions of these doors leave a bit to be desired. Even if you love these iconic foreign cars, you should try to avoid putting them on your existing vehicle due to the problems they can present. When putting these doors on American cars, you will probably get a few laughs and not in a good way. Generally, any type of car door modifications on the market are a big no-no due to the functionality issues they will usually have. Instead of not being able to get out of your vehicle due to a malfunctioning winged door, you should probably just leave well enough alone and keep your factory doors in place.

  1. Going to Extremes With Body Kits

In the late 90s and early 2000s, car lovers were doing all they could to live out their “Fast and Furious” fantasies. A huge trend in the world of cars at this time were body kits. During this time period, aftermarket parts retailers could not keep these kits on the shelves due to their popularity. Just like any other trend, eventually, body kits become a bit outdated and very unpopular. The biggest problem with these body kits is that they reduce your vehicle’s natural aerodynamics and actually slow it down substantially. Body kits are also very hard to install and will usually require you to do a great deal of modifications. The more modifications you have to make to get one of these kits to fit your vehicle, the higher the chance becomes of things going wrong. Many of the body kits on the market are made from a cheaper polyurethane material. This material is known to crack and can leave your car looking far worse than it originally did. Getting a paint job for your existing car body style is a must better idea than slapping on this cheap material to make your car look more exotic.

  1. The Wrong Exhaust Modifications

While there are a number of exhaust modifications that can make your car sound and perform better, there are just as many that need to be avoided. Putting things like coffee can mufflers on your vehicle will make it unbearably loud and can actually increase the amount of pollution your vehicle produces. Instead of making your car loud and a burden on the environment, you will need to work with exhaust professionals to find better modifications. Generally, these professionals will be able to take the needs you have and use them to narrow down the selection of modifications they can offer. Before using a particular exhaust shop, you need to do a bit of research. Ideally, you will want to use a shop that has experience and a great reputation.

By avoiding these car modification mistakes, you will have no problem keeping your vehicle appealing and running efficiently. When the time comes to get the right modifications made to your vehicle, be sure to consult with knowledgeable professionals for help.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.