How To Keep A New Engine Humming For A Long Time

change car oil oil filter
change car oil oil filter

Buying a new car is a big deal and an expansive investment. You will obviously want to take good care of it and chances are your first thought will be about getting insurance. Although we wholeheartedly agree with that last point, taking care of your engine should be a top priority, something most people don’t always think of.


Keeping an engine running smoothly is as important as anything you might want to do to prolong the life of your car. It not only will help you drive safely for years, but it will also ensure the engine runs as it was meant. It will also save you money as engines, injectors, and other fuel problems can develop over the years and lower your mileage.

Many of us keep our cars for a few years and eventually sell them. Resell value of a car is especially problematic. Gauging the value of your car, mileage and overall state greatly depend on how much maintenance and servicing you applied to it. Using good oil not only lengthens the life of your car but is an important plus when you resell it.


Whether you’re driving a new Acura NSX, an Audi A4, or a brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, you will want to make sure to use good oil. Why insist on using good oil? Oil is the heart and soul of your gasoline engine. It not only lubricates the mechanism but allows for smoother friction and also helps cool down the engine. Good oils can also coat the interior of a cylinder making for smoother and less friction cold starts.

High revving engines and especially uniques ones like the Mazda RX series use a rotary engine well known for how much oil they consume. Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule for these cars is particularly important.

change car oil oil filter

Carmakers have a love and hate relationship with a car’s longevity. As much as they want the reputation of their cars to be about long life, they also make a substantial amount of their profit on parts breaking down and maintenance. Thankfully, you can avoid the budget sting by using the right services and parts for your car.

Changing The Oil And Oil Filter Yourself

Changing the oil and oil filter yourself is easier than it sounds. If you have space and 20 minutes to spare, you could save yourself 50% or more form going to a car mechanics. Also, you will be in charge of what goes in and the quality of work and service you are providing your car. This is not something you can always do with car mechanics unless you have had a long-standing relationship with them.

The Elite Product website has a good step-by-step introduction to a successful oil and oil filter change you can do yourself. Try it out. And hey, you will not only save money but also extend the life of your car, raise its resell value and overall save money on gas. It’s a win-win solution.