5 Easy Ways to Become a Safe Driver

Getting on the road behind the wheel of your own car can be one of the best feelings anyone can experience. Driving means independence and freedom, but it also means you have all-new responsibilities to deal with.

Being a safe driver is more than using your turn signal or checking your blind spot. Read on for some easy tips on how to become a safer driver, so you can be proud of your driving skills both on and off the road.

Check Your Oil Frequently

When you think about what makes your car run, the first thing you probably think of is gas. You stop to fill up the tank so frequently, it can feel like it’s the most important thing for your car to have. The reality is that having a consistent amount of oil in your car is what will actually give your car life and make the engine last longer. Make sure you know how to check your oil so you can plan ahead for when to get an oil change in the future.

Inspect and Maintain Your Tires

Another key aspect to car maintenance that people overlook is keeping up with your tires. If they’re too deflated, you could be wearing them thin quickly, and if they’re too inflated, you’ll have uneven wear. Have you rotated them lately, too? Don’t be overwhelmed with tire care. There are simple ways to inspect and maintain your tires without needing to be an expert mechanic.

Always Have an Emergency Fund

Even if you do everything you can to keep up with your car, sometimes unexpected things happen. You could get into a car accident that’s not your fault or drive over something sharp that pops your tire. Don’t be caught without an emergency fund. Saving extra money specifically for car expenses will help you feel more comfortable on the road because you’ll be prepared for the worst.

Never Leave Home Without Your Registration

Certain things need to be left at home in a safe, like the title of your car or the deed to your house. However, some important documents need to go with you, like your car’s registration. Instead of risking the potential loss of the original, make a copy of your registration and keep it in your car. Leave the original at home. You need that registration on you at all times in case of an accident or other emergency, but there are just certain things you shouldn’t put in your glove box — like original copies.

Don’t Forget Your Jumper Cables

To be a safe driver, you have to always be thinking ahead about what your car might need in the near future. Along with things like an ice scraper or portable battery, you should always have jumper cables in your trunk. Even if you only use them once or twice in your driving career, you’ll always be glad you had them on you.

Being a safe driver means doing your best both on and off the road to maintain your car and keep yourself safe. If you ever have any questions about car maintenance, ask your local mechanic or DMV. They’ll be happy to help you figure out the answer so you can be safe and informed behind the wheel.