Cheap Classics That Promise To Turn Heads

Everyone that has ever pushed their foot into the accelerator pedal of a car and got a thrill from driving stick shift has dreamt about owning a classic car, especially one from the silver screen. The problem is, well, the cost. For something that has collected more miles than a New York taxi and more rust than a sunken U-Boat, these things can get remarkable expensive, which is why you need to get your crystal ball and pick one that hasn’t yet been stamped with the word ‘classic’.

To help you with this – to help you find a future classic that promises not to break the bank while simultaneously managing to turn heads – we have pulled together a list of our favourites and ones you should definitely keep an eye out for:

  1. Audi TT Series 1

This design is about as classic as any we have ever seen, yet it hasn’t quite crossed over into the realm of a classic simply because, well, it isn’t old enough. The trick to getting one that you’ll love (and so will the little moneybags voice inside your head) is to find an original example and then have a European auto repair place look over it. No modifications, no personalisations, no previous owners that didn’t maintain it properly. Just an original 224 turbo version.

  1. Porsche 944

Okay, so as for as Porches go, this one doesn’t quite have the sex appeal of the 911, but that’s exactly what makes it attainable to you. It’s a classic car that is affordable, a classic car that you can use every day and a classic car that wears the Porsche badge. What’s more, it is by no means the runt of the litter, especially being the bigger brother to the 924. Anyway, from an investors point of view, the ones you want to get your hungry hands on are the Turbo or the S2.

  1. Ford Torino GT

Cue the 1970s, when Ford redesigned its mid-sized engines and watched as the world fell out of love with them. However, the reason for this was less about them being bad cars and more because their marketing strategy was odd: they were still pushing the previous model as a NASCAR, which meant people wanted that. As such, you can get this great looking, great feeling and mega-piece of automotive history for not a lot of money.

  1. Pontiac GTO

The word Pontiac has fallen out of favour faster than the name Trump, yet where they differ is the incredible bump in value for the former. Sure, $25 – 30,000 is at the pricier end of cheap, but getting a classic GTO for that is still a hell of a deal, especially if you were to look at how much a big-block Chevrolet Chevelle with the same miles would set you back. Four-speed gear box and enough space to hide a horse, this car defined a muscle-loving era, and that’s why you should bite the bullet.

Of course, no one can guarantee what cars will become classics, but these certainly lead the way in terms of hopes and dreams. They’re all very different, but they will all turn heads.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.