Essentials To Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car

Unless you’re traveling across the country and living out of your car, there’s no need to stockpile supplies in the trunk. Having said this, you should be carrying the items you will need in case of an emergency at all times. You’ll need supplies to help get you out of a sticky situation should you get lost and run out of gas, break down, or have an accident. It’s best to be prepared for such times, so keep the essentials in your trunk rather than at home in your garage. Make sure you’re well equipped before hitting the road and assemble the essentials.

Fluids For Your Car

You should regularly be opening the hood and checking the level of all the fluids and oils, and especially before and after long car journeys. Pack your trunk with the help of PEAK Auto, and get kitted out with the essentials. Store a container of antifreeze and one of motor oil too, also include ones filled with windshield washer and brake fluid.

Fluids For Yourself

You never know if you’re going to break down in the nowhere, so make sure you carry bottles of water for yourself to drink. If you’re driving in summer or on long stretches of quiet roads, then it’s especially important that you’re prepared for worst case scenarios.

Jump Leads     

Jump leads are essential if you need to jumpstart a flat battery. If your battery runs flat unexpectedly, then you could be left stranded in your car for hours waiting for the approach of another vehicle. Even then, the other driver might not carry the cables you need, so be prepared and keep jump leads in your trunk at all times.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Make a list of contacts you might need to contact if you break down. Keep a notepad in the glove compartment of your car and noted down the number of your partner or parents, a breakdown and recovery service, and your insurance company.

First Aid Kit

For your safety, keep a first aid kit with you so that you can patch yourself up in the case of injury. Even changing a tire, or checking the level of fluids in your car can result in small cuts and burns, so make sure your first aid kit includes antiseptic cream, bandages, plasters, painkillers, and sterilizing wipes.

An Empty Gas Can

Never make the mistake of carrying a full can of gas in the trunk of your car. Instead, keep an empty can with a long nozzle so that you can fetch gas from the nearest gas station should you run out.

Road Reflectors

If your car breaks down in a dangerous place or the dark, then you need to make sure other drivers are aware of the hazard on the approach. You will have to draw attention to your car so that it doesn’t cause an accident. Keep other road users from crashing into your vehicle by displaying a warning triangle and light reflectors.

A Flashlight

Carry a flashlight with you to search for items in your trunk or to light the way to safety and assistance after dark. Keep a spare pair of batteries with you, or think about getting a windup torch and not having to worry about whether your torch will work or not.  

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.