Cool Ways to Customize Your Car

It is interesting to note that with very little expense you can have a totally new car. Well, not exactly new, but it will look like a brand new, super cool vehicle. A mod here and an aftermarket upgrade there and before you know it, you will have the coolest ride in the neighborhood.  Here are some ways in which you can achieve that.

1. Vanity Plates

It’s always fun to be behind someone at a stop light at which you are tired of waiting for green. As you look around you, notice the car ahead of you has a funny vanity plate that gives you a chuckle and helps relieve the growing impatience you experience every time you are stuck in traffic. The only problem with vanity tags is that they are easily captured by DMV road cams and if you just happen to do something which could land you a hefty traffic fine, you’re lost.

There’s no mistaking that vanity plate when run through the computer. Check out the PhotoBlocker Spray review that turns photos red, making it unreadable. If a cop happens to be sitting around the corner, it can’t prevent a ticket, but it can keep those traffic cams from snapping a recognizable plate!

2. Headlight Conversion Kits for Older Models

LED headlights are all the rage but are typically aftermarket parts on older model vehicles. They aren’t expensive and will make even older models noticeable when driving after dark. Although some drivers are annoyed with those bright blue-white lights, they can be adjusted a bit so that they don’t shine directly in the eyes of oncoming traffic.

3. Add a Splash of Color with LED Interior Light Kits

Speaking of LED lights, there are various kinds of fashionable LED lights which can attach to literally any part of the car. Some are created for dashboards, others for seats and others yet are made for doors and to run along baseboards. Looking for a bit of bling? Interior LEDs will do the trick.

4. Designer Seat Covers

Even if your seats aren’t getting worn, you can add a new look to your interior with an amazing number of designer seat covers that can fit most model vehicles. From brightly colored vinyl to studded leather, you can take your pick. Some are even equipped with LED lights to give that extra bit of class.

5. Car Wrapping

Then there’s car wrapping. It may be one of the more expensive mods you can use, but it is certainly a whole lot cheaper than a new paint job. If you are going to custom wrap or strip your car, just make sure to do it in a dust free area. The car (or truck) needs to be thoroughly washed and dried before even attempting to apply the wrap. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of creativity and some extra time on your hands.

Looking for a new ride without a huge layout of cash? These car customizations are just the beginning of what you can do with just a few bucks – one mod at a time.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.