Here’s How to Properly Protect Your Vintage Car

If you’re a vintage car owner, you need to be doing more than other car owners to protect your vehicle. When a car has been around for a long time, it can become more vulnerable to things that could damage it. As well as that, most cars that are considered vintage classics are worth more than your average modern car, so looking after them is key because that’s the only way they’ll hold their value. Read on if you want to learn more about properly protecting your vintage car.

Keep it Active

When you own a classic car that’s worth something, there is always a temptation to wrap it in cotton wool. But being overcautious can be damaging if you take it too far. You shouldn’t keep your car off the road if you can help it because when a car is kept active, it’s more like to stay in good shape. If it’s sitting there not doing anything, problems arise more easily.

Change the Oil Regularly

Changing the oil in your car’s engine is one of the basic things that every car owner should be doing. But it becomes even more important to get this right when you drive a classic and vintage car. The engine is susceptible to all kinds of problems, but those problems become far less likely if the engine has fresh oil to use. It will keep running smoothly without as many hiccups.

Find Somewhere Secure to Store It

You definitely don’t want to be storing your vintage car by the side of the road where it can easily get hit by passing vehicles or falling tree branches. Instead, you should find a safe and secure car storage solution. There are many of them out there that you can use if you don’t have a garage of your own where you can store your car.

Wax it Properly

Waxing is one of those things that seems like an additional headaches that most normal people don’t really pay any attention to. That’s the wrong way of looking at this though. Waxing your classic car will protect its paintwork, and that’s important because the paintwork can easily crack, peel and even rust if it’s not cared for. No vintage car owner wants that.

Get the Best Insurance Policy Possible

Finally, you need to make sure that you have an insurance policy that offers more cover than the average policy would. The stakes are much higher when you own a classic car that’s worth a considerable sum of money. You don’t want to be caught out if something goes wrong with the car. You’d be left with a huge bill, so make sure it’s picked up by your insurer instead.

You can’t take any chances with your vintage car. And if it’s your pride and joy, it’s only right that you go the extra mile in order to protect it properly throughout the year. You should definitely use the ideas above, and don’t forget to take extra precautions during the winter months when the temperatures drop and the conditions become harsher.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.