Mustang Restoration: Tricks, Tips & Techniques

The Ford Mustang is a classic car. It was first introduced to the public in April 1964. This beautiful pony muscle car was an almost instant hit. It was Ford´s most successful launch apart from the Model A.

Since then hundreds of thousands of these stunning cars have been sold. They are much loved so there are plenty of the older models available for restoration. If you are planning to restore one, these tips and tricks will prove helpful.

Be patient

When restoring a car, you need to take your time and do the job properly. If you rush things, you will only regret it in the end. Go with the flow and be prepared to wait for the right part to become available if you have to.

Set realistic goals and plan ahead

But, be sure to set goals to make sure you maintain momentum. If you do not make one do not get disheartened, it will happen during a car restoration. The idea of setting goals is to push you on a bit. You will achieve most of your goals.

Planning ahead will keep your organized. Importantly, it will help you to identify which parts and equipment you will need, so you minimize the time you spend waiting for them to arrive.

Join your local Mustang enthusiasts club

In a lot of places, you will find other people who own and care for old Mustangs. These other owners are a font of valuable knowledge. Usually, speaking to someone who has done the task you are about to tackle will save you a lot of time and, sometimes, money.

Being part of an owner´s club should also make sourcing parts much easier. They will also help you to avoid these common Mustang restoration mistakes.

Buying the wrong radiator for a 65-66 Mustang

The radiators for the 65-66 Mustang are plant specific. So, you need to know which of the three plants your car was made in and order accordingly.

Tilt the mufflers

The mufflers on most Mustangs should be tilted at an 11-degree angle. You need to use the alignment notches to install it properly.

Don´t ruin your exhaust manifold

When glass-beading the exhaust manifold you need to plug the choke heat tube. If you do not you could jam the automatic choke.
Don´t try to restore a rust bucket

The fact that there are still quite a few old Mustangs out there means that you do not have to restore one that is in a terrible condition. It is much better to wait for a little and buy a half decent one than it is to end up with a money pit. You have no need to waste time and money restoring a very rusty or beaten up car.

Think carefully before throwing away any parts

Keep every part you take off your car. There is nothing worse than realizing that little gasket or grommet you threw away is essential. Even after you have finished your restoration, it is usually a good idea to keep any items that are leftover. You may need them at some point in the future or another owner may be able to use them.

Remember that most parts can be refurbished. As a result, even something that appears to be broken can have a use.

An alternative to restoring a Ford Mustang

If you do not have the time to go through the restoration process you could go ahead and buy a Mustang Coupe from Bob Gillingham. Whether you are looking for a first or sixth generation Mustang this family-run firm can find one for you. They have been in business since 1957, so have the experience and connections to help buyers or restorers to find the car and parts they need.

You can check this Mustang restoration video to get more idea –