Alfa Romeo To Recall Over 34,000 Cars, SUVs for Software

FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 34,359 vehicles in the U.S. to update their engine-control software. Of this number, less than one percent may also need new catalytic converters. Service technicians will make the required determination using digital diagnostic equipment.

All required repairs will be performed free of charge.

An investigation by FCA US discovered a specific engine operating condition that occurs naturally, but only rarely, and is imperceptible to the driver, may go unmitigated by existing engine-control software. If this were to happen, a vehicle’s catalytic converter may overheat, possibly leading to engine stall or, in unique circumstances, fire.

FCA US is aware of two potentially related engine-compartment fires. However, the Company is unaware of any related injuries or accidents.

An instrument-panel warning may illuminate if this defect manifests itself. Alternately, the vehicle may experience temporary engine-power loss, while in extreme cases, occupants may observe a burning odor.

Customers who observe any such events should contact their dealers.

The recall is limited to certain 2017-2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia sedans and 2018 Stelvio SUVs. High-performance Quadrifoglio models are unaffected.

Service is available and affected customers will be advised as early as next week to schedule appointments. In the interim, customers with questions or concerns should contact their dealers, or Alfa Romeo Premium Care at 866-932-3881.

The new software will enhance an engine’s capacity to detect and mitigate the operating condition associated with catalyst overheating.

Additional vehicles will be subject to recall in Canada (est. 2,619) and Mexico (est. 90). Affected customers will be advised when they may schedule service.

Aaron Turpen
An automotive enthusiast for most of his adult life, Aaron has worked in and around the industry in many ways. He is an accredited member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP), the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA), the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), and freelances as a writer and journalist around the Web and in print. You can find his portfolio at