How to Organize a Party in a Party Bus?

Spending an exciting night on a party bus with your friends is an amazing way to celebrate a special occasion or holiday. If you’re planning to organize a party on a party bus through a Philadelphia party bus and Limousine service, you’ll want to appropriately organize and plan the details of the night to ensure a wonderfully memorable experience.

A successful event on a party bus takes into account the planned stop locations, the theme and decorations of the bus, refreshments, visual and audio entertainment, duration of the party, and your budget for the night.

Choose Your Party Bus

There are a multitude of kinds of party buses you can choose from with a variety of passenger capacities, features, interior designs, and space set ups. Make sure to choose the bus that matches your size, space, entertainment, and budget needs. If you’re expecting 40 people and want to dance, then make sure you reserve a party bus that can accommodate those details.

Create Your Event Itinerary

Make sure your bus driver knows the planned pick-up/drop-off and stop locations along the route. Are you planning on bar/club hopping, hitting a few shows, driving from casino to casino? Whatever your plan for the night is, you’ll want to make sure that you schedule in enough time for all the activities you have planned at your stop locations.

Plan the Decoration and Entertainment Details

If you’re planning on having a themed-party with decorations, then make sure to coordinate with the party bus rental company so the bus can be outfitted with the desired decorations. When planning your night out on the party bus, decide what entertainment options you want to focus on. Are you going to leave the dance space open, utilize a dance pole, or hire exotic dancers to provide entertainment?

Decide if you’re going to bring your own music, have karaoke, or hire a DJ. Will you be bringing DVDs to show on the flat screen TVs? The more details you plan and sort out ahead of time, the more of a fun and fulfilling party you’ll have.

Get Your Refreshments Sorted Out

Make sure you’ve confirmed with your chosen company whether they are providing food and beverage refreshments or if you’ll need to stock the bar yourself. If you are going to be bringing your own refreshments, think about bringing light finger foods (you’ll most likely be getting dinner at one of your stops along the way) and focusing on the variety of alcoholic beverages and mixes that your guests will enjoy. Make sure the refreshments that you bring or are provided will last the duration of your reserved time on the party bus.

Research the Party Bus Fees

On average, party bus rental companies charge a starting price of $100-$300 per hour for a night on the town. If the bus driver’s tip is not automatically included in your base charge by the company, then you’ll want to take into account when budgeting for your event tipping the bus driver 10%-20% of the whole cost of the party. Other charges can include fees per stop, surcharges for gasoline during longer trips, and possible overtime charges.

A night out with friends on a party bus ensures every moment of your night is a blast. From the refreshments to the decorations to the entertainment, you’ll have the time of your life and create memories that you and your friend will cherish. With these tips you’ll be sure to organize a truly memorable night.

Will Hopstetter
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