Hiding Stuff In Your Car Is the New Holiday Trend

With more than 3.75 cubic feet of hidden storage compartments throughout its interior, the new 2019 Buick Enclave has enough space to hide gifts large and small this holiday season.

Buick asked Harris Poll to do a survey about hiding holiday gifts. The survey got some interesting results, with the tie-in being that Buick now has a program where some vehicles can accept Amazon deliveries so the gift box doesn’t end up on your porch and in the wrong hands. The system uses an Amazon Key to remotely open the cargo hatch on a connected vehicle from Buick. The delivery person can then leave the item in the car instead of on a porch or in a mailbox.

The survey that prompted Buick to consider this as an option this holiday season found that a lot of parents (82 percent of them) are looking for new spots to hide holiday gifts for their kids. About 80 percent of them have hidden a gift in their own vehicle as a way to keep children, friends, or others from finding it. Most also agree that a storage compartment in the vehicle for that purpose would be ideal. And 60 percent of parents have had a holiday ruined when their kids found their gifts early.

That’s pretty interesting. Here’s some photos from Buick showcasing how their setup works in the Enclave.

Aaron Turpen
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