Top Lists of Defensive Driving Provider in Texas

Defensive driving is a necessity for any driver who values their own lives, that of other people on the roads, and basically has value for their property. Defensive driving is critical in ensuring that one is able to save their time on the road in spite of the prevailing conditions on the road or even the behaviors of other people on the roads.It is important for Texans and every other American to note the advantages of sitting for the defensive driving courses, which are immense. A course in defensive driving is useful at dismissing a person’s ticket, which they had been issued for some traffic violations. The same course is vital in ensuring that a person gets some insurance discounts from their insurance provider.

The numerous benefits of defensive driving have seen the rise of many schools that teach the same, whereas a vast majority of them offer online courses. Online courses in defensive driving are key in ensuring that individuals get the right accreditation at the comfort of their homes, where they can easily have their tickets dismissed without much hustle.

However, it is not all online courses that are right for students, and hence the need for someone to know which are the best online service providers for defensive driving in Texas. The main key towards getting the best defensive driving school in Texas is ensuring that you only deal with TDLR approved defensive driving schools.

Defensive Driving Courses

  • Violation of Seat Belt Course

This course is a short one and very important for every serious driver on the roads of Texas. It can take 6 hours for someone to be done with the course, whereas it is fully online based and easy for someone to get done with it at the comfort of their couch. This course is approved by TDLR and therefore very important and has vital information to drivers.

  • Text -Based Course

This is another vital course that every driver should ensure that they engage in. Whereas a person only requires some internet connectivity and they shall be good to go. It has vital information regarding traffic rules and the basic things a person should put into consideration whenever they are on the road.

  • Insurance Discount Defensive Driving Course

Most insurance companies have a great interest at drivers who take defensive driving courses, especially because they know that they will be responsible drivers on the road. Since this has a likelihood of reducing their claims experience, they like to award people who take defensive driving courses with insurance discounts. That’s why it is very important for one to take this course from a TDLR approved online service provider.

All these courses will guarantee a person that they will meet all their driving requirements, whereby they are bound to benefit by becoming better drivers. The approval by TDLR is an assurance of quality and every driver will be sure of what they are getting.

Top Defensive Driving Providers in Texas


This school is approved by TDLR and their license number is C2861. This school, which has had a great taste of experience over a stretched period of time easily commands respect when it comes to defensive driving schools. The company started when we didn’t have widespread use of the world wide web, but has since adapted and transitioned to the incredible use of the internet.

2. TX Defensive Driving

It is also approved by TDLR and they have their license number as C3068. The school is great at ensuring ticket dismissal in the state of Texas. They take pride in great ratings from various drivers around the state. They are creative in their teaching courses and will effectively use video to teach their students.

3. Defensive Driving TX

This school has existed since 1999 and has therefore gained immense experience as it has benefited many students along the way. They have ensured that they use materials that has been carefully crafted by Texas drivers, who better understand their state and understand other drivers in the state. Their courses are TDLR approved and therefore anyone can confidently subscribe to them.

4. A Sense of Humor School

This school has existed for quite a long time, since 1992 and has helped a host of drivers who have been able to escape their tickets as well as get insurance discounts. Their courses are approved and good to go.

There are other amazing defensive driving schools in Texas, but this list just provides for the top. It is great for drivers to stay safe, ensure that they can get easy ticket dismissals as well as deserved insurance discounts.

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