Should You Purchase The New Alfa Romeo In 2019?

Alfa Romeo is going to come back into full force in 2019, and at the very forefront of their new found surge is the brand new Giulia design. We guarantee that this is the brand new Alfa Romeo you are looking for, since it boasts incredible performance levels and comes with highly innovative features that make driving an incredible experience.

Below we have taken the Alfa Romeo Giulia into real focus, giving you insight into what makes this car so special.

Style and Purpose

Many experts that work within the automotive industry have cited the Giulia as the Italian manufacturer’s response to the BMW 3 series. The design comes as a mid-sized saloon that boasts one of the most reliable and efficient rear-wheel driving platforms. The model is going to be widely publicised as a key mascot for Alfa Romeo over the course of 2019, as it has been handed the task of greatly increasing sales within the next three years.

Powerful Engine

There are a number of different engines to choose from, which means any kind of driving style has been taken firmly into consideration. Within the range, there are three petrol, three diesel, and a number of high-performance options. When it comes to the various specifications, you will be able to choose from either special, super or veloce.

Technological Advancements

Considering the price tag, you get a generous amount of innovative technology if you decide to purchase this car. You will experience the incredible torque vectoring concept, and enjoy an increase in braking stability, giving you a smooth drive every single time. There are a number of features that come as standard, which includes collision warning technology and automotive braking kits.

Stylish Look

Above all else, you will be driving within the confines of a stylish and sophisticated model that is certain to make you centre stage where ever you decide to drive.  The vehicle boasts a dynamic and animated tone, which has created an elegant aesthetic.

Highly Functional

The car has also been specially designed to be light, which makes the process of driving a pleasurable experience for anyone. All the materials used for both the exterior and interior have been meticulously thought through, with many components being constructed with aluminium and carbon.

There is also an incredibly effective suspension in place, which further increases the vehicle’s balance. This is achieved through the use of double wishbones being in place at the front of the car, and four-arm layout being implemented for the rear, making the Giulia a truly all-round driving prospect.

Vibrant Interior

The interior for this particular model is elegant and is certain to make you feel comfortable whenever you decide to hit the roads. You will also enjoy the strength and solidity that comes with the metal pedals which have been designed with a classy blend of white and green.


The new Alfa Romeo Giulia can certainly point to a number of great reasons as to why this should be the car you choose in 2019. If you are looking for something that oozes class and is certain to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride, this model is going to tick just about every box.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.