What justifies the insane pricetag on supercars?

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What justifies the insane pricetag on supercars?

Exclusivity, hand-made meticulousness, and expensive components. Every supercar I can think of, from the Nissan GT-R on up, has some, most, or all of its parts hand made by craftsmen. Hand assembled as well. Then carefully checked and rechecked for perfection.

Since supercars are made in such low volumes, costs for research, design, engineering, etc. are absorbed by far fewer numbers of builds. Jigs and manufacturing requirements are also absorbed by fewer units. Each car has many more man hours and costs associated with it because of that. Likewise, profits for the automaker must be spread among fewer units.

There are no economies of scale with supercars.

In return, the customer enters an exclusive, small club of people who own and care for that particular car. Supercars are collectibles before they’re even sold.

Aaron Turpen
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