8 Ways To Make Your Automotive More Eco-Friendly

If you feel for our environment and want to save mother earth, you should realize the need of purchasing a non-polluting, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly auto. However, hybrid cars are not for everyone.

If you are one of them, presented below are eight ways to make your automotive more eco-friendly.

Maintain your car

Today, almost every family owns a vehicle, making it no longer a luxury, but a basic requirement in everyday life. For this reason, it is necessary to keep your car in excellent shape and maintain it, otherwise, you won’t enjoy the gains it has to offer.

If you ensure that all the parts in your vehicle are working properly, you will do your part in guaranteeing that you live in a clean and pollution free environment. A regularly maintained car might not be as eco-friendly as the electric or hybrid cars, but they emit lesser toxic fumes that don’t pollute the air or water bodies.

Eco-friendly tires

Tires with low resistance are all over the market. The tires are designed to use less energy to start and keep spinning. In the long run, you will save fuel and protect the environment. As gas prices continue to skyrocket every day, tire manufactures came up with the innovative tires to meet the demands of an eco-friendly and money-saving consumer base.

During these harsh economic times, environmentally mindful consumers are hunting for long-lasting, eco-friendly and smart tires. As the demand for the tires continues to rise, manufacturers, are advancing their engineering approaches and when the technology becomes advanced, the tires no longer be an aftermarket luxury.

Don’t use AC

Few motorists are aware that the AC in their car does more harm than good to the environment. Early cars had air conditioning systems with R 12 refrigerant which was found to be contributing to the destruction of the protective ozone layer. It was replaced with R134a in the early ’90s.

During hot summer days, you should try parking in areas with shade, using a sunshade if you are parking in non-shade areas or rolling down your windows when driving. And that is not all! If you want to minimize your carbon footprint you should have your air conditioning system repaired by trained experts with the right tools and equipment.

Use eco-friendly speaker systems

If you want your music to sound fabulous in your vehicle, you should consider replacing your current speakers. It is among the best ways to enhance your car sound performance. If you are hunting for the ultimate sound performance and wish to reduce noise pollution with a limited budget, you can give the 6.5 speakers at caraudiologic a try.

Some of them come with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to pair them with your phone or other devices eliminating the need to get extra devices like Bluetooth earpiece to answer your calls or listen to music. Furthermore, they are powerful, easy to install and boast of amazing features.

Check emissions system

Your cars emissions system is responsible for cleaning and minimizing your vehicle exhaust fumes. It is a complicated system and if one of its components fail to function the greenhouse gases your vehicle produces will rise significantly.

However, the great news is that your car will alert you if anything goes wrong with the system by illuminating the check engine light. Immediately you see the check engine light, get your vehicle emissions system checked and repaired if the need arises. When your car left the factory it was made to meet the set environmental impact standards and it’s your responsibility to make sure it fits them. Take your vehicle for emissions tests as recommended to save the environment.


Are you interested in lightening your carbon footprint? Carpooling is an excellent idea. It is the sharing of rides with other people to avoid using your vehicle. Carpooling is an excellent idea because when you don’t use your car you reduce CO2 emissions, use lesser fare and reach your destination in no time.

If you and your friends or colleagues at work come from the same area, you can explore carpooling during some days of the week to save the environment. When you do that for a year or five you will have done your part in saving the environment. Just look for a reputable carpooling service to share quality rides whenever you decide. If you do it with people you know it will be even more interesting.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Safe cleaning products are receiving lots of attention and for the right reasons too. Some of the everyday products that we bring into our homes are dangerous. However, since no regulation has been put in place by most governments across the globe no all car cleaning products are eco-friendly or non-toxic. The ugly truth is that they hurt the environment.

Environmentally friendly car cleaning products are made from all-natural ingredients that won’t damage your car or the environment. The products are biodegradable, meaning that they can be quickly broken down to other substances that are useful to the environment. Additionally, the products are also safe for pets and kids.

Keep less stuff in your car

If you want to save fuel and the environment at the same time, it is advisable that you keep a few things in your wheels. If you put heavier things in it, then the chances are that it will consume lots of fuel and contribute to the degradation of the environment.

Make sure that you get rid of unnecessary items from your vehicle, including bicycle and roof racks to keep your ride light. The lighter your ride the lesser you will spend on fuel and destroy the environment.

And there you have it! Eight ways to make your wheels more eco-friendly. In the end, you will realize that running a greener vehicle costs less than non-hybrid vehicles. If you want to buy a new auto, you should consider getting hybrid so that you save money and take advantage of the tax break offers on the wheels.

On the flip side, if you are not getting a new vehicle stick to the hints as mentioned earlier to diminish your car’s carbon footprint.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.