Top 3 Aftermarket Mods for Your Ford F-150

It is hard to beat the F-150 in terms of power, performance, and muscle. However, it is possible. A truck with the right aftermarket performance parts will out-perform the base model every time. If you love your F-150, consider taking it to the next level with these three aftermarket modifications.

Aftermarket Modifications

1. High flow catalytic converter – Many truck owners do not realize that their exhaust system may be the thing holding them back. In reality, the exhaust system may be one of the best ways to improve performance, partly because it is so commonly overlooked. The catalytic converter helps treat the exhaust of the vehicle to remove toxic materials, however, this can create a buildup of pressure that holds the vehicle back. In a sense, the vehicle can only create so much power because it cannot expel the exhaust fast enough to keep up. A high flow catalytic converter completely eliminates this problem. The exhaust gets out quicker, so the truck can function more efficiently.

2. Shocks, struts, and other suspension parts – While the suspension system does not affect performance directly, it does affect handling and control, which is both important on its own and in turn affects performance. With larger trucks, like the F-150, the suspension system is more important than with smaller vehicles because there is more mass to control. It may not be a simple process to overhaul your suspension, but it does have a profound effect on the truck’s handling. With new shocks and coilovers, you can reduce the bouncing and increase the friction between the tires and the road.

3. Performance muffler – For the same reason other custom builder exhaust parts can improve your truck’s performance, a new muffler can have the same effect. The exhaust has to go through the muffler as well, which is designed to reduce the amount of noise the engine makes. While this is a convenient benefit, it can slow down the exhaust flow just like a catalytic converter. Performance mufflers are designed to flow better, decreasing the buildup of pressure inside the car and allowing it to perform to the full potential of the engine. After all, shouldn’t it be the engine that controls how powerful your vehicle is? Performance mufflers can provide this without significantly increasing the amount of noise your truck creates.

Take your F-150 truck as far as possible. Installing aftermarket modifications is a great way to make the vehicle uniquely yours and improve its power and performance as much as possible.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.