Choosing The Right Jeep Parts Matters – Here’s Why

Vehicles today are more reliable than they have ever been. Thanks to generations of iterative improvements and smarter manufacturing, cars break down far less than they used to even just a generation ago. However, once a problem develops, we’re far less likely to be able to deal with it ourselves.

The fact is, vehicles today are far more complicated than they were even a generation ago. In many cases, repairs can now only be correctly done with a certified technician using genuine parts. This is especially true with certain types of niche vehicles such as Jeeps, as it’s is almost certainly necessary to go with a certified Jeep mechanic and a genuine Jeep parts and accessories supplier.

Unfortunately, many car owners that still insist on going the cheaper route, either by going with less-qualified technicians or by buying the cheapest parts – which are rarely the ones you actually want for a lasting repair.

Why it pays to get it right

First, let’s discuss what happens when you go with a cheaper technician. The sketchy mechanic stereotype, as unfortunate as it is, exists for a number of reasons. The same type of people who are willing to invest in nothing but the best for their hobbies, smartphones, and other lifestyle choices, will more often than not, try to hunt for bargains when they have their cars fixed. This keeps the demand for low-cost mechanic services high.

Unqualified mechanics who charge lower than certified technicians are an endemic problem virtually everywhere in the world, but they’re not always a bad option depending on the type of repair you need to be done. They’re also far less of risk if you use them for more common types of vehicles.

However, everyone needs to make a profit, and one way these mechanics try to widen their profit margins is to use recycled or “good enough” OEM and aftermarket parts. This tends to be an issue in Jeeps and other less-common brands, for which general part availability might be low.

Not all parts are made the same

While these parts aren’t always a bad option, you’d be gambling with the longevity of your vehicle. These parts may have some material fatigue, or they might be made from a grade of material that’s not appropriate to the application. Using these “mystery parts” can greatly elevate the chances that your vehicle will experience another premature failure in short order.

This can be a real issue in a machine as complex as a modern automobile as failures can tend to propagate and cascade over time. For example, one problem with the ignition or indicator lights can sometimes cascade into an issue that affects the entire vehicle’s electrical system. A faulty fix in the transmission can sometimes result in the whole engine needing to be rebuilt. When the wrong type of fix is made, it could lead to even more problems that will require their own fixes.

While these are extreme cases, these risks are always present when you choose to buy non-original parts. Even when you’re buying an aftermarket upgrade, there isn’t always a guarantee that it will function better than a brand new OEM part. As a matter of fact, these parts can sometimes cause unintended issues in your vehicle.

If you’re having issues with your Jeep, be sure to bring it to a qualified technician. If parts are needed, be sure that you and your technician source it from a trusted Jeep parts and accessories supplier.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.