How To Avoid A Dead Car Battery

If you are a driver, you definitely hate it when you experience a flat car battery. That is why there are plenty of tips you can find on the internet to prevent this kind of situation. There are various reasons why this happens, mostly during the wintertime. But you can prevent a dead battery by maintaining it regularly just like how you do with the other parts of your car.

A dead battery means your car will not start regardless of how you cared for it. Due to cold nights during winter, when there is a lack of activity for your car, the chemicals in the car’s battery slows down process that occurs within. When the active material in the plates can no longer sustain a discharge current, a battery expires. For this reason, your car will not have the capacity to start its engine and even charging won’t make it work anymore. 

Yes, you can say that having a flat battery is one of the ugliest situations you will encounter especially when you are already running late for work. So to help you out, here are the things you can do to avoid a dead car battery. 

Keep Car Moving

A number of brief journeys can strain the battery since the engine and alternator are not given time to recharge the battery to its prior state. You can invest in an external battery charger but another way to keep your battery charged is by doing some long trips over the cold seasons ranging in distance. 

Turn It Off

With today’s modern technology, you are able to use the car’s features in just a snap. Sadly, most of these features are threats for flattening the battery if left running. Therefore, always check if your interior and exterior lights are turned off before leaving your car. Also, items that are plugged such as flash drive or portable electronics can also result in drained batteries.

Ease The Tension

You can ease your car’s tension by depressing the clutch when starting the engine. It can help reduce the effort required to start the car thus, takes off some load to the battery.

Monitor Battery

Always do an optical check each time you lift your hood to see if the battery has damage. It is often a great idea to have your batteries checked by an expert. For second-hand buyers, make it a habit to check the manual to make sure if the previous owner has installed the battery properly. Keep in mind that a fresh battery can be a valuable investment.  For more precise measurement of current, you can also use current shunt resistors.

Examine Systems Associated With Battery

You can monitor your car’s status by checking the alternator, starting and charging systems with the help of a professional because all if this can have an effect on your battery’s life.

Regular Maintenance

A flat tire or an exhausted engine can bring additional strain to your battery. Therefore, be responsible enough for the upkeep of your car. Since warmer temperatures are better for batteries, parking your car inside a garage can help avoid a dead battery. 

Be Alert

Warning signs like clicks from the ignition, dim dashboard lights, or notably slow engine are signs that your battery is going flat. Make a move and prevent these things from getting worse.

Think Of Safety

If your car broke down in a dangerous place, try to take your car to a safer place. Ask some help from passers-by to push your car.


Purchase a set of jumper cables and keep them in the trunk compartment. Make sure to learn the procedure in case of an emergency.

Cases like a dead car battery can cause delays in your schedule. Hope these tips serve as your guide to prevent it from happening. Happy driving!

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.