The Most Luxurious Off Road Motorhomes

Many who hear ‘RV’ think old, worn or beaten machines that have been home to a few hippies back in its day. But modern times call for modern tech and the luxury automobile industry seems to be having a field day with inventing these luxurious monsters. Not only are they pretty to look at but they have been built to weather the storm, any terrain and take your family on one vacation they will never forget. We step into the shoes of the wealthy outbacker and glimpse some of the most extreme and fashionable off road motorhomes on the market. 

Entegra Coach – The Cornerstone

For this heavy duty machine you would need to win some serious cash at, try the casino at Novibet or take out a second mortgage, the wife may not be happy at first but when she lays eyes upon the interior of this luxurious RV, she may just forgive you. Priced at over $400K you can imagine what this home on wheels has to offer. Some of the specs includes:

  • 8 way power seats 
  • SmartWheel integrated steering 
  • Touchscreen technology

The luxurious mobile includes a master bedroom suite, a walk I closet, a bar, an entertainment system, a walk in shower, quartz countertops, heated porcelain flooring, dimmers and a golden finish just to prove its expense. 


Although not much to look at on the exterior the RV is valued at $500 000, and we had a look at the specs. It has been designed for the off road adventure and will sustain all weather and terrain. The UNICAT has the following features:

  • Built in solar panels
  • 2 000 mile gas tank 
  • Kitchen 
  • Master Suite 
  • Desk 
  • Watermaker which effectively decontaminates water to use as drinking water ideal for long distance travel

The Newmar King Aire 

Oh. Wow. There are no words as to how incredible this RV is. It is fit for a king and could potentially have homed one for a night or three. The class A motor coach has the following features to embrace:

  • 600HP turbo diesel engine 
  • Comfort Drive and power control
  • Safety Cruise Collision Avoidance to help direct the driver through severe weather conditions
  • An entertainment system 
  • Chrome finished kitchen 
  • Hardwood interior 
  • Villa sofas
  • Washer and a dryer 
  • Porcelain floors 
  • Master suite 
  • Walk in bathroom 
  • LED lighting 

The 2015 Foretravel IH-45

We are stepping it up here with the ‘wow’ factor. This RV is valued at a whopping estimated price of $1.3 million. This motor home has been on the market for quite some time and comes complete with custom and unique designs. Some of the features, and really only some of the features, includes:

  • Noise reduction 
  • 20 000 kilowatt generator
  • Slide out rooms
  • Pilot seat
  • Steel constructed cockpit

The Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo

This is the most expensive motor home on the market, valued at $3 million and is ultimately not something you would see on the road. It unites motorsports, aeroplanes and collectibles and is one of the most visually appealing machines on the road. 

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.